Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trade with Mmmmrhubarb!

I recently completed a trade with twins fan Rhubarb! He sent me a nice eclectic mix of cards and the trade worked out quite nicely. For this post I am Sergio (if you have no idea what I am talking about click the link above and you will know quickly). Welcome back to the blog after clicking the link.

Lets show off some cool stuff!

Always appreciate a smattering of Big Hurt's 90s shininess. Especially like the Score Gold Rush card. I bought a ton of that as a kid and always liked the one per pack gold parallel. Shiny is good. That's probably written somewhere in the constitution.

Three pretty sweet cards here. The Thome relic is my first of his and def a keeper. The Revere is a current Philly so he is on my current collecting list. I wish he would get on base more cause he's so dangerous once he gets on, this kid is crazy fast. The Will Clark is a pretty sweet relic. It will probably make its way to a Giants collector at some point but for now I'm happy with it hanging out in my collection.

He also sent me an entire team set! I haven't opened it.. don't think I'm going too.. or maybe I will.. I don't know Sergio will decide that later.

This a heritage boxtopper with Chooch on it. I didn't buy a box so getting a boxtopper is pretty cool. I found it interesting that Justin Verlander was the back of the card. Just an observation!

Have a happy friday!

Thanks for reading and thanks for the trade!


  1. Loving those Frank Thomas shiny smatters. He does a card stock well!!

  2. Thanks again "Sergio" ;) This was a fun trade (thanks for your patience!)