Friday, July 1, 2016

Overdue props!

My lack of posting this month is appalling. My slowest month in 3+ years doing this. No excuses. I have quite a bit of random things scanned and plenty to talk about. I haven't been purchasing a ton this year just little odds and ends. I've been saving up for the national so if anything catches the eye there I won't have to think about my budget cause it's going to be a good bit of money! I am planning on just buying General Admission tickets for the national because we'll only be there 2 days, Thursday and Friday. Have to come back late Friday night to home.

Can't wait!

Speaking of props, I received cards from White Sox fan 2 x 3 Heroes!

I really like the blue wave cards in general. If they made a base set that looked like that I'd go for it. Franco is slowing down a bit.. but then again so is everyone on the Phillies. I'm going to the game tomorrow but it's a fireworks game! Also, good matchup, get to see the defending champs, Royals come to town. Cain was a beast for my fantasy team last year and Wade Davis has been real solid this year. 

The cards above that are written on is actually the penny sleeve. The Biddle is a rare variation and the Burrell has a vintage logo. Much appreciated pointing that out cause I would have had no idea. 

Any framed relic gets a A+ in my book! I always pondered collecting these sets but I don't know if I want to pour the resources into it. Vintage Phillies and Ryan Howard's take precedence.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully more posting this month!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Quick Post

I've been meaning to post this week just been busy. I have received a few packages from people. I will get to scanning and giving props of course!

I always liked the Leader cards from the 60s. Such star power and not very expensive. Always nice when a Phillies player makes the list too next to one of the greatest lefty pitchers of all time.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sweeeeet E-motion!

I channeled Aerosmith for my post title. One of my favorite sets as a kid (and now) is 1995 E-motion. I do have the base set and most of the inserts (probably missing a couple N Tense's). There are no autos or relics to be had but it's still a real fun box to open.

Soon to be hall of famer Chipper Jones rookie card. I think he gets in for all he did for the Braves on all those playoff teams. As a Phillies fan I respect his accomplishments but I don't particularly like that he crushed the Phillies a lot.

Mr. Nomo, the first Japanese pitcher to make a huge splash in MLB. He paved the way for all the future players to come over and show off their talents. 

One of the nicer inserts that only came one per box. A Indians Manny Ramirez N TENSE!  He was quite the hitter throughout his career. Unfortunately, tainted by those steroid tests at the end of his career.

Bonds, Gwynn and Juan Gonzalez Masters insert. This is a Who's who of the mid 90s'. I like the picture overlays on these cards. 

Thanks for reading! Whats your favorite 90s set?

Friday, June 10, 2016

Two Cards out of ten!

Here are 2 of my recent Ryan Howard pickups! I'm glad he hit his 9th Home Run the other day. It moves him into 80th all time on the Home Run list. (I believe tied with Lance Berkman) Not bad company to keep. This is clearly Howard's last year unfortunately. He doesn't have the bat speed anymore to hit the good major league pitchers. On a bright note, I organized my base cards into year so I can finally figure out what I'm missing there. I will get the list together and make a new tab on the blog soon.

I was thinking of scanning the hits for that page too just to have them all documented and in order. Need a good chunk of time to do that though so we'll see when that happens.

Here are the 2 cards that are the subject of this post!

This card above is one of those 5x7 cards from Topps. I got it on ebay though at a decent price. Not 100% sure how people ordered them from Topps. I think they came in sets and people were piecing them out. It's in a sleeve so its protected but I haven't decided how to display it yet. It's currently sitting with my Javier Baez box topper auto from Gint-a-Cuffs last year. 

This one is not specifically numbered but the print run is 10. It has a little first edition stamp on it, so it must be cool! I watched this on ebay for months until the price came down to what I thought was acceptable. I wasn't competing against anyone else or it would've been purchased much faster. Topps sure does love the parallels. Maybe one day I'll open a case of Heritage and look for all the parallels! 

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Made a big trade!

Not with cards mind you, but in Fantasy baseball! Pre-season I traded my 3rd (Chris Davis) , 4th (Kyle Schwarber) and 5th (Corey Seager) round picks for Kershaw, his 10th (Ian Desmond) and 12th round picks (Joc Pederson). Kershaw was obviously the key. He's been flat out amazing.

So I traded him.. I traded Kershaw and Jose Fernandez for Kenta Maeda and Mike Trout! This is a keeper league so I will have Trout on my team for the next 3 years! Super psyched to have in my opinion the best player in baseball anchoring my team. I will have to re-build my pitching staff a bit but now I can carry George Springer and Trout into next year to start off my hitters. I'm feeling good about it!

I see Topps Archives and Finest have come out recently. I've yet to get any but maybe sometime in the future. I feel Archives is a bit overpriced and has too many parallels. I like parallels that are shiny not just parallels for the sake of it (that may have been a contradictory statement). I do plan on picking up the 1985 Aaron Nola auto. I love that design and I think the auto looks real good.

I was able to find the Topps Metal card out of 16 earlier this year on ebay. They are nice cards, very thick and sturdy. Similiar to the metal framed autos from Topps Museum (only have one of those). It's a shame Howard's career is winding down so poorly. Sports talk wants him released but the Phillies haven't said much of anything. I'm sure he'll just get less playing time. The Phillies aren't contenders this year anyway so I bet they just let him play out the last year of the deal and do the buyout for the last year in the offseason. Obviously hes a big part of my PC but I hope he retires and doesn't try to hang on some AL team. It'd be nice to have a star that stuck with the Phillies his whole career and brought them an MVP and World Series victory.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 30, 2016


I no longer have to travel at 5 AM Monday morning for the week and do a ton of things on the weekend and not play with my baseball cards and post. I know I have been MIA from trading. I have a bunch to trade and post if people are interested. I don't really have any new cards though, haven't purchased much. Been focusing on "older" cards. Also, I recently acquired many complete sets from the 80s and 90s (thanks Dan they are mine now!) (Dan is my brother he left them on the east coast so I get to keep them) (He's probably reading this at some point and I'm sure I will get a phone call)

I've been thinking about the National, the number 1 target is still Frank Thomas NNOF but if that is no where to be found, the #2 big card would be the 1994 Upper Deck Mickey Mantle / Ken Griffey Jr auto. I don't care if it's graded but I'd want it at least authenticated.

GSW vs OKC tonight. Currently watching the pre-game. Kinda want GSW to win but I have no real dog in the fight.

Phillies have come back down to earth but I'll take a winning record at this point in the season. I've gone to 2 games this year (Opening day and my birthday May 14th) (Both hat give away games!)

The Penguins made the Stanley Cup Finals against the Sharks. I haven't watched as much playoff hockey since the Flyers were eliminated. I have to root for the Sharks being a Flyers fan but I do have one cool Penguin card..

Super Mario auto!

The classic pro set in a nice blue sharpie! As far as I know its real but I have no COA. I don't plan on selling it though.

Kind of all over the place on this post but had a lot of randomness to say. Hope to be back to regular posting ASAP!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Way Too Long

I've had an extremely busy real life month. Unfortunately, no time for baseball cards or blogging. Job change (Good change I think though!) and my birthday and some other happenings! (the not so good being I had to buy 4 new tires for my car ugh)

I am still very much planning to go to the national for 2 days in August. I have never been before so pretty psyched about that. The hotel room is booked and we're driving distance. I've been refraining from making big purchases because I have been saving for this show. The number one goal is a Frank Thomas No Name on Front PSA graded (for authenticity purposes, don't really care if it's not a super high grade). I need to have quite a bit of money available to snag it and hopefully find it at the biggest show of the year.

Here are some cards that were going to fuel my retirement from the 90s..

Four A-Rod rookie! Even the ever elusive Electric Diamond variation! I remember pulling that one out of a pack myself. I am still a huge fan of 1995 E-Motion. Very fun to open. I believe I bought a box in the 90s for 36 dollars. I'd buy again at that price just for the enjoyment of it.

I know I said I'm trying to get back to regular posting in my last post.. but work *should* calm down after this week so hopefully June will be back to a more regular routine.

Thanks for reading! Go Phillies!