Thursday, May 21, 2015


A snow camo parallel! I don't think this parallel has quite caught on. It doesn't have the ring of gold.. I mean who jumps up and down and says "I hit a snow!" Anyways, I bought a snow camo parallel!

Of course it's Ryan Howard!

I wonder how this would look in a chrome finish. I've been reading about Topps Chrome and I heard they are messing with the color structure. Hopefully this year the boxes will be more fun to open. The boxes last year, some of them didn't even yield one color refractor and the year before you got at least 2 maybe 3 or 4 depending.

Still busy and I know I owe people stuff, trying to catch up soon!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trade with Mr Bob Walk the Plank!

Been a crazy week but I am finally back. I spent the last week in Manhattan for work. Personally too many people. I like the suburbs. Happy to be back home and actually soon to be going to a Phillies game! Love some afternoon tailgating. It's also a slightly belated birthday celebration! I officially turned 30 two days ago! Who knew?! Anyways.. Mr. Bob Walk and I have had been blind trading for a few months (year?) now. Its always fun and he manages to find something I haven't seen before. I hope my return packages are just as nice.

The Grady Sizemore is the hard to find Black parallel out of Topps Series 1. The Krukker is a nice relic back when they were still cool and not one every pack.

This is one of my first mini cards. I didn't buy any so everything has to come in trade. It's nice to have 2 Rupp autos (my first two!). I wish Panini would share a license with Topps. I like some of their card designs but lack of logos hurts the brand overall. The purple shine does pop though.

Thanks for the trade!

Thanks for reading, Go Phillies!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ryan Howard ROY!

Look Ryan Howard won Rookie of the year! Says so on this card..

A nice piece when Upper Deck could show logos (or did show logos and just didn't pay MLB) either way Exquisite is a nice set. I wonder how much this card would've gone for in 2005-6.

His rookie season was quite good..

In only 88 games he hit 22 HR's and had 63 RBI's. Surprised he won the award not playing more but of course it was well deserved!

Here's another rookie I picked up!

A nice numbered rookie that was a whole 99 cents! I'm pretty sure the slabbing fee alone is more then that so I'll take that deal any day.

Still busy with work and all but slowly catching up!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Back on the saddle!

My blog has been dark for a few more days then I wanted it to be, but that's what I get for not scheduling posts. My wife and I attended a friends wedding in Chicago. We didn't have time to do any sight seeing (flew in Friday, Wedding Saturday and flew out Sunday morning) but that's OK, I've seen most of Chicago since I lived on the North side for 2 years. I did get her to experience her first Steak and Shake. That went well! I am mostly back but I haven't scanned anything new. I still owe some cards to people. There will be a delay in getting those out due to work but you will receive something! (probably in a few weeks)

Here's a card I scanned a long time ago.. then traded it and never showed it on my blog. It's sitting in a nice PC now I'm sure.

A six way relic of Hideo Nomo, Kaz Ishii, Chan Ho Park, Rickey Henderson, Shawn Green and Al Oliver. I did like owning this card but I thought it would work better in a Dodgers PC. (There are a few of you out there!) If there is a Phillies version of this out there I would be interested! One Hall of Famer, and Nomo definitely make the card. Nomo is the trailblazer for all the overseas people. Without him, who knows if we'd ever see Matsui or Ichiro! I'm glad its generally accepted now to have a nice mix of international and local players on a team. Makes for some great baseball!

Thanks for reading and hope to be back to regular posting soon!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

An Auto and a Ring?!

Happy Thursday everyone! It's finally getting warm out. Baseball is in full swing. Some early season surprises and not so surprises. Devon Travis is having a Puig like breakout in his first month of the season. The Brewers are possibly the worst team in baseball but their offense might be better then the Phillies. Ryan Howard hit his 4th HR last night so who knows maybe he'll hit 25 this year?

Speaking of Ryan Howard.. I picked this nifty card up:

It is a sticker auto but I like the design of the card as a whole. Bowman's Best is a nice brand and I heard Topps is bringing it back this year. Hopefully the cards are just as nice. I haven't seen any 2015 Bowman in person yet but I'm not sure I love the design. The names look sidewise and are difficult to spot at first glance. (I've just looked at breaks online) (Also I know little about prospects so most of the names aren't known to me yet).

And here's the "ring"

It's Bryce Harper, who may be fulfilling his potential this year. He's looked real solid at the plate and is walking quite a bit instead of just swinging at that curve ball in the dirt. This card is quite thick but it came at the price of free! One of my work friends decided to give it to me after we discussed baseball cards one day. He's not an avid collector like me but he likes to open the occasional box. 

Appreciate the nice card and go Phillies!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Trade with Underdog!

This is more like a 2 parter. I've been bad about scanning and cataloging lately but I am trying to catch up. Both of these came over from The Underdog Card Collector! I enjoy the blog name, great cartoon. I still owe a return package for the 2nd part, but obviously still working on that with a few other packages to some people. (well that was vague)

Anyways, go baseball! Ryan Howard is up to 3 HR's and the Phillies won today!

It was nice to receive some Heritage. I haven't bought any of it, and I'm not really planning on it. Not my personal favorite set. Too many short prints that are kind of part of the base set but not really for my liking. Some old school Pinnacle. The inserts on the bottom left are pretty cool looking cards. Gotta love 90s ingenuity. 

Glorious randomness in this scan. Mike Schmidt, Ryan Howard, Kyle Kendrick (now the Rockies #1 starter?!) a really cool Cole Hamels orange refractor. It'll be a sad day when he is traded by the Phillies. He was flat out amazing in 2008. MVP in the NLCS and the World Series and there wasn't a lot of debate. 

The way contracts are these days, check this out.. 

Cole Hamels remaining contract: 

2016, 2017 and 2018 23,500,000 per year with a club option of 20,000,000 in 2019

Rick Porcello contract:

2016, 2017 20,125,000
2018, 2019 21,125,000 

Porcello is younger, but he has not earned that ace type money. I don't get it but I think this will be a tremendously bad contract by the end of it. The only plus is that its 4 years and not 7. I'm not even a Red Sox fan but I think this can skew the market. Now league average pitchers will want at least 15 mil a year. 

In conclusion, if the Phillies trade Hamels, get a good prospect (or three) and don't pay a dime of the contract. 

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Ooooh Halfway There!

Ahhhh Living on a prayer.. bad karaoke songs aside. I am halfway to completing the 2015 Topps Series 1 Printing plate rainbow! I now have TWO! of the four. (If you know where the other 2 are I am interested!)

Check it out!

Magenta! It's a nice color!

Black, also a nice color (not as nice as magenta though who am I kidding?)

Oh yea this guy has been pretty good this year..

Where I live, I get all the Orioles and Nationals broadcasts. He has been quite patient at the plate this year and when he gets ahold of a ball it goes, it goes far. I think as long as he doesn't get some weird injury like last year (Torn thumb ligaments on a triple sliding into third for those that don't remember) he might be on his way to fulfilling the hype. Who knows, maybe all he needed was the pressure to be shifted to Kris Bryant and then he can just play some ball. I am still a Phillies fan always, but I appreciate good baseball always.

Thanks for reading!