Monday, September 18, 2017

A New Frank Thomas rookie!

At least it was new to me. This is my first 1990 Topps Tiffany card. I like the way it looks. Slowly but surely accumulating every Frank Thomas card known to man. Although I may have trouble with some of those rare 90s inserts since I know there are some big collectors out there that have them and I don't have the money to pry them away (until I hit the powerball).

Check it out..

Graded a solid 8. Which is fine by me, I didn't have to pay the 9 or 10 premium. As you can see the back is a different color then the typical 1990s Topps card. I now have the regular 1990 Topps card, the Topps Tiffany version, an autographed (certified) version and the No Name on Front. Gotta love me some 1990 Topps!

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Cards from Collecting Cutch!

I'm currently watching the Pirates vs Reds game so what better time to post about some cards I received from Collecting Cutch. If you couldn't tell by the name of his blog he is a big Andrew McCutchen fan and has quite an impressive collection. I'm glad hes had a bit of a bounce back year after all the trade rumors. Hope he continues to be productive.. even though I don't root for the Pirates he seems like a good person.

All I did was enter one of his contests.. not win and I still win! Always a big fan of Topps Chrome. Really wanted a case this year but the price point rose to a place I couldn't afford. Hoping it drops a bit more then maybe I can buy in later. Currently prices are 92 dollars a box which would come to roughly 1,100 a case. Still a bit overpriced in my opinion. 

This is a pretty sweet Shady relic from his Rookie year. He is arguably the greatest Eagles RB of all time. It's a shame Chip Kelly rolled in and literally traded him straight up for Kiko Alonso... no draft picks nothing. What a disaster. Imagine this Eagles team with a legitimate running back behind Wentz.

Thanks for the cards, working on a return package that I've had ear marked for you for a while!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A New Shiny Card! (1993)

I just received this card in the mail recently. The seller had it up as buy it now or best offer. I threw a low-ish ball offer out there and hoped he'd just counter for a bit less then asking and I'd accept.. but he accepted my offer! Love that type of deal. This is my 4th Phillies Refractor from this set and I have the Frank Thomas. Always toy with going after the complete set but not sure I have the card resources to do it (aka money). Some of the bigger names go for big bucks.

Pretty sweet card. They still pop after all these years. I saw Tommy Greene in person recently. He looks a bit like a body builder he's quite big and in shape. No, I wasn't stalking him there was a Phillies cookout where Tommy Greene, John Kruk, Dickie Noles and Greg Luzinski made sliders and gave out free samples to everyone. They did a good job of keeping the samples flowing, didn't seem like anyone left empty handed. Also, my wife didn't like the sliders so I got to eat double! It was great!

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

A few discount blasters

Whenever we hit up the local big box store, I'm always on the lookout for discounted blasters from yester-year (still dreaming about finding 30 2011 Topps Update boxes) Got the itch to open some packs and had a good time doing it. Pulled some decent cards.

The mini's were really good in 2016 Gypsy Queen. Hit a Gold a silver a short print and a short print rainbow all in the one blaster box. Not much on the big cards besides a couple of inserts and Ryan Howard. 

  Really like the photos and feel of the cards of 2016 Stadium Club. Might consider a case or a couple boxes if the price is right. The Darvish is a big hit in retail 1 in 200 some odd packs so was pretty happy to get one. Like the design of the insert too.

The Fergie is a nice numbered blue parallel. Decent card; side note; I really liked 2012 Topps Archives and opened a good bit of it, I didn't really like when they jacked the price up for some movie autos and then created color parallels for no reason. I've never seen someone chase a 'rainbow' for this set. Obviously though I will open discounted blasters!

Thanks for checking me out! (not that way);

Just ordered my Ginter box for Gint-A-Cuffs! Should be here soon!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Huge PC Card.. Ryan Howard!

I recently picked up one of the bigger cards for the Ryan Howard PC in a while. Yes Bat Knobs are awesome but this card was a chase card for several years. I had missed out on one at auction and thankfully was able to negotiate with the seller on this one to get it to a price I was happy with. This card just does not pop up often so happy to have it finally in my Ryan Howard collection.

2003 Bowman Draft Gold out of 50!

Ignore the dust on my scanner the card is in really good shape. Don't know what it would grade but don't care because its not leaving my collection.

Side note.. not baseball card related.. My wife insists that in order to make pasta you have to wait for the water to boil then put the pasta in. I'm saying it doesn't matter, just throw the pasta in as soon as you put the stove on. What say you?!

Thanks for reading and settling our pasta debate!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sign up for Gint A Cuffs!

Yes I'm using this post to pimp Gint A Cuffs. CLICK ME!! I linked the blog right there <----.

and also yes if you follow my blog you know I am the 2 time defending champion. I would like some competition this year. (Clearly I am superior at picking random boxes or ordering them online better then other people)

My last 4 boxes of Ginter have yielded a Trout wood mini (win #1), Javier Baez boxtopper auto (winner's box 1), Kershaw/Maeda Dual rip card (win #2) and Salvador Perez/Eric Hosmer Dual Rip card (winner's box 2). Yes I opened 2 boxes last year and hit 2 dual rip cards (1 in 720 packs for those that don't keep wrappers next to them at all times with odds). Yes I like the word Yes! So Join and challenge me! Who knows, you might win! (but probably not, I plan on three peating)

Obligatory card picture..

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2017 Bowman Platinum Break

My wife was kind enough to stop at Wal Mart and check if there was any of the new Bowman Platinum. She was able to pick up 2 of the collector's boxes which guarantee 2 autos per box. 40 packs total. Was a fun rip. The base cards are rather shiny and the inserts are nice looking. I was pretty happy with the break overall...

 Four really solid autos. The Torres sells pretty well on ebay last I checked. Rosario is the Mets number one prospect. The Dalbec is numbered out of 25.

Didn't get a Judge Rookie Radar insert but did hit the Bellinger. The Torres Orange was the rarest card of the break at 1:1:100 packs! 

This was the only Judge of both boxes.The Moniak was flipped the wrong way in the pack and the first 3 times that happened it was the auto of the pack. When I saw it the first time I thought Topps forgot to put the auto on it. I was annoyed but I'd live. Then I pulled another auto and I went back and checked, it's the Rookie variation (roughly 1 in 165 packs!) I was pretty happy about that pull being a Phillies fan.

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