Monday, July 18, 2016

Tonight's Matchup!

Tonight the Phillies are playing the Marlins. Usually wouldn't be a huge deal because they play each other a lot. But tonight we have Aaron Nola vs Jose Fernandez.. both on my fantasy team! Cheering for a 1-0 game for the Phillies. Each pitcher gets 12 K's and a complete game.

Also here is an excuse to show off my first and only Nola auto..

I really like the 1985 design and the on-card auto. He also has a nice sig which is good to see from a young player.

Don't mind the Allen Webster.. I do have the Fernandez live now. I just never re-scanned it apparently. His on-card auto is decent too. I think he has a bright future ahead of them. Will be cool to see 2 young budding aces go at it.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Re-Pack Fun!

My Wife was kind enough to surprise me with some baseball cards from Target after a particularly tough week at work. I've been taking on a lot more responsibility lately which is both good and bad but everyone knows how that goes or they don't, I'm just making generalizations. Either way, I got some new baseball cards!

Fun Fact.. this re-pack guaranteed one relic card.. so naturally a got an Auto of Clayton Mortenson (numbered out of 50!) His career lasted 5 years but ended in 2013.. at least he made the majors though!

Some cool cards from the update packs. I enjoyed opening them lots of good names. The Pat Kelly is a gold leaf rookie from 1991 Leaf! Randomly inserted! And we got one!

Here's where it got great!Crushed the odds! The snow camo parallel of Dan Haren, numbered out of 99 and 1 every 72 packs according to the pack odds. Pretty good 'hit' so to speak!

Thanks for reading, hope everyone is enjoying their Fantasy Baseball break and getting ready for the 2nd half!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Progress and Baseball Cards!

I have officially typed out all of my Ryan Howard non-numbered cards. Took me a little longer then I wanted to but I am not known for my speed when it comes to that sort of sorting. Next the goal is to organize and catalog the numbered cards I have. I'm sure I'm missing a ton since there are a million parallels but it would be nice to see what I actually have. (Love me some Moments and Milestones!)

Recently the famous former Dodger Blogger GCRL dropped some Phillies on me!

He was super awesome and looked at my vintage want list and knocked some off the list! Always a good feeling to 'cross' out a name. One of my personal favorite binders I have is the Phillies team sets from the 50s and 60s. Slowly filling in all the gaps! Heard a story on the radio about Curt Schilling the other day. Apparently no one from the 93 team actually liked him.. go figure. Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez I believe qualifies as a wasted signing. Originally offered 40+ million then after his physical it dropped to 12 million and hes done almost nothing with the big league club.

Notice this scan has a theme.. Scott Rolen! I know he won his World Series with the Cardinals but it would've been cool if he was around for the Phillies run when they got good. Third Base always seemed to be the weakest position through those years  (David Bell and Pedro Feliz I think were the 2 regulars without looking)

Thanks for the cards and Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Long Ball Leaders!

I really like this insert set.. check it out. This was part of the childhood collection that I now have re-united with my adulthood collection.

A 462 foot bomb! According to ESPN home run distance tracker. The longest HR hit this year was by Giancarlo Stanton on May 6th. It traveled a robust 490 ft. I remember playing All star baseball 99 quite a lot as a kid on N64. I got pretty good at the game that I would max out the stats and occasionally the game would glitch and everything would reset to zero. The home run derby was pretty easy once you got the trick down (power shot and swing just below the ball and its gone). The key was to find the one spot in the stadium where the ball just kept going and you could get almost 600 ft home runs. Good times!

Regardless, love the 90s inserts! They just don't make them the same anymore.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Overdue props!

My lack of posting this month is appalling. My slowest month in 3+ years doing this. No excuses. I have quite a bit of random things scanned and plenty to talk about. I haven't been purchasing a ton this year just little odds and ends. I've been saving up for the national so if anything catches the eye there I won't have to think about my budget cause it's going to be a good bit of money! I am planning on just buying General Admission tickets for the national because we'll only be there 2 days, Thursday and Friday. Have to come back late Friday night to home.

Can't wait!

Speaking of props, I received cards from White Sox fan 2 x 3 Heroes!

I really like the blue wave cards in general. If they made a base set that looked like that I'd go for it. Franco is slowing down a bit.. but then again so is everyone on the Phillies. I'm going to the game tomorrow but it's a fireworks game! Also, good matchup, get to see the defending champs, Royals come to town. Cain was a beast for my fantasy team last year and Wade Davis has been real solid this year. 

The cards above that are written on is actually the penny sleeve. The Biddle is a rare variation and the Burrell has a vintage logo. Much appreciated pointing that out cause I would have had no idea. 

Any framed relic gets a A+ in my book! I always pondered collecting these sets but I don't know if I want to pour the resources into it. Vintage Phillies and Ryan Howard's take precedence.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully more posting this month!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Quick Post

I've been meaning to post this week just been busy. I have received a few packages from people. I will get to scanning and giving props of course!

I always liked the Leader cards from the 60s. Such star power and not very expensive. Always nice when a Phillies player makes the list too next to one of the greatest lefty pitchers of all time.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sweeeeet E-motion!

I channeled Aerosmith for my post title. One of my favorite sets as a kid (and now) is 1995 E-motion. I do have the base set and most of the inserts (probably missing a couple N Tense's). There are no autos or relics to be had but it's still a real fun box to open.

Soon to be hall of famer Chipper Jones rookie card. I think he gets in for all he did for the Braves on all those playoff teams. As a Phillies fan I respect his accomplishments but I don't particularly like that he crushed the Phillies a lot.

Mr. Nomo, the first Japanese pitcher to make a huge splash in MLB. He paved the way for all the future players to come over and show off their talents. 

One of the nicer inserts that only came one per box. A Indians Manny Ramirez N TENSE!  He was quite the hitter throughout his career. Unfortunately, tainted by those steroid tests at the end of his career.

Bonds, Gwynn and Juan Gonzalez Masters insert. This is a Who's who of the mid 90s'. I like the picture overlays on these cards. 

Thanks for reading! Whats your favorite 90s set?