Monday, April 21, 2014

A Trade and a PWE!

Last week I posted a one card trade bait! I had the card a while and I picked it up for the sole purpose of trading it to another collector. Thankfully, Chunter from The Home of the Braves wanted it! We quickly came to an agreement and the mail came and went.

Here are the goods!

The vintage is much appreciated! Always nice to cross some more cards off the list! The Mayberry is one of those elusive green retail parallels.

Bobbbby Abreeeeu! This is a nice relic card of his. And he was just called up by the Mets at 40 years old! I hope he has a nice last hurrah in the majors. Can't believe he get up to the show again! He always had a sweet swing at the plate.

The Roy Halladay came from a PWE that I recently received. It was from Adam at now no longer updated blog Thoughts and Sox. (I'll link if you want me too) He was kind enough to pass on a card that he knew I would like. I'm always on the lookout for rare Virdons! 

The Howard is the same subset so I thought they'd look nice scanned together. How about that 4 hit night last night. He was robbed of the cycle but hey can't win em all!

Also, who collects Yankees cards? I sort my cards by team that I trade away to people and I am being told by the manager of the card room (my girlfriend) that the Yankees box is nearing full. Therefore I need to trade a largeish stack to someone for some random phillies. Who's up for it? (I can accomodate more then one trade)

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Couple Old trades!

I not so recently completed 2 trades! I sent mine sometime last year and recently received the return end in the mail! I actually forgot that I had sent anything but I did go back in emails and confirm that I did. I am glad that the blogger verse is mostly honest and thank you to these two for sending over some cool stuff!

From The Baseball Dad

I had sent him some Indians Chrome and he responded in kind!

Pettibone needs to setup his game for this year. He got rocked by the rockies last night (pun intended). I like the way the Orange Parallels look! 

The top 3 cards are all serial numbered which is always nice! I have been organizing the collection lately and filtering out Phillies serial numbered cards to see how many I have. 

Anytime a Big Hurt is involved, I like the trade package! I am now up to 635 Unique Frank Thomas cards! They are kinda pricey for autos so I've been selective on what I pick up but I am always willing to trade!

Blog Update: I updated the Want List, Trade bait, Ryan Howard Want list for 2014 and the Phillies Hits today. The Museum Collection Patch went for 112 dollars on ebay! I had it at 110 and got sniped. Couldn't believe someone was willing to go higher.

Also one card trade bait was a rousing success! I will make a concerted effort to highlight some cards to get some deals going!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A quick hello!

I've been a bit under the weather in the past week but I am finally starting to feel on the up and up! The weather change got me this year. I am still actively collecting my Phillies and thoroughly enjoying the beginning of baseball. Despite the Phillies losing to the Braves, at least they battled back and almost had it. I don't think we would've seen that last year. Here's hoping they have that kind of fight all season long.

Just wanted to show a recent pickup that I quite like!

Despite my poor scanning abilities this is a pretty sweet 1957 Topps Richie Ashburn! I may crack it out of the case so I can put it in the binder with his friends. I was originally looking for a raw copy but everywhere I looked where I thought the card was nice they wanted 25 or more. I was able to snag this card in an open auction for 11 dollars! Patience paid off for this one!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Whole lot of Metal!

I recently received these 2 cards in the mail! They are both very thick and metal like. They were popular when they were released so I waited to jump on the bandwagon. It paid off, costed me under 5 bucks for both! Love weird ending ebay times.

Check em out!

The Silver Slugger award is crazy thick! It must be 30-35 base cards stacked up. The Phillies bats have been ok this year, but the bullpen has been to be nice.. not good. They really need to get some outs and hold some leads!

Officially going to the game next Thursday, can't wait!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A one card Trade Bait post (who wants it?)

Edit: Card has been traded!

This card has been on my trade bait from the beginning. It is a nice card overall but the case is big and I don't have a good way to store it. I want to trade it. If you claim it I will send it to you and send me something back. I don't really care what you send back.

Here it is!

Ian Kennedy Topps Tribute Relic numbered out of 99! I picked it up in a trade bait draft way back when (remember when those were all the rage) It is in the original case and still has the original sticker. If you wanted to take it out of said case well that's ok but I'm not going too.

Please claim in the comments!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

A trade with Scott!

I recently completed another trade with reader Scott! He's super easy to trade with and we've had a nice back and forth going for a little while. Just wanted to show off some of the wares. A nice mix and good stuff as usual!

The Big Hurt! Always appreciate the new Frank Thomas's. And now I have dedicated binders to properly store them! Look Topps Heritage.. but thats Upper deck! Who copied who?!

The Howard career best is a nice new relic card! Another add to the Ryan Howard super collection! The Blue sparkly parallels are nice always a fan. The two basketball cards are none other then Eddie Jones and Aaron McKie. They were my favorite college players when I was younger. Dominated at Temple! McKie was a key contributor on the sixers 2001 team that made the NBA finals. Eddie Jones ironically enough was almost traded for Allen Iverson, but because Matt Gieger had a no trade clause (they needed his contract in the deal to make the money work) the deal did not happen. He exercised his no trade rights.. Iverson won MVP next year and became Philly's favorite.

Some vintage-y goodness, still working on all those team sets! Randall ready to juke some defender out! He was a freak of an athlete! I like the Lindros and LeClair cards. I was a big fan of the Legion of Doom line. One of the best lines in hockey! Just need Renberg to finish the line! Hope the Flyers can make a good run to the Cup this year!

Thanks for the trade!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

This post has very little to do with baseball...

It's been a long day. Wanted to get done some scans, but I didn't have a chance to. I hope to get it done tomorrow. The good news is that even though the guinea pig ate the laptop cord, she didn't get the one for the scanner!

In other news, spent some more time organizing the card room today. My girlfriend's idea about the shelving was a good one, but I'm still trying to figure out how to put some of my graded cards into boxes. Any ideas for storage?

I went to see Captain America today. One of like 12 people in the entire theater. Two guys come and sit directly behind my girlfriend and I. They are just sitting there quietly until the previews start, when Guy A turns to Guy B and goes "Well, yea, Jessica and I broke up..." Guy A is like "Oh, dude that sucks, when did that happen?" and Guy B goes "Well for the first time..." At this point my girlfriend starts shooting them death glares, to which they seem to be impervious. I turned around and they stopped talking. What is the weirdest thing that you have overheard in a movie theater?

The first three paragraphs were written by my lovely girlfriend. She also likes to collect the occasional cardboard as well. Check out some cards she picked up at the last show we went too.

AJ McCarron is a good guy in this household because of this story! Ching Lung Hu had a very nifty Chinese signature. Pie well.. who doesn't like pie? The Phillies patch is interesting because its actually a Giants player. The Kent was just a nicely designed card. It's fun to look through boxes for anything interesting.

Thanks for reading!