Friday, April 24, 2015

Ooooh Halfway There!

Ahhhh Living on a prayer.. bad karaoke songs aside. I am halfway to completing the 2015 Topps Series 1 Printing plate rainbow! I now have TWO! of the four. (If you know where the other 2 are I am interested!)

Check it out!

Magenta! It's a nice color!

Black, also a nice color (not as nice as magenta though who am I kidding?)

Oh yea this guy has been pretty good this year..

Where I live, I get all the Orioles and Nationals broadcasts. He has been quite patient at the plate this year and when he gets ahold of a ball it goes, it goes far. I think as long as he doesn't get some weird injury like last year (Torn thumb ligaments on a triple sliding into third for those that don't remember) he might be on his way to fulfilling the hype. Who knows, maybe all he needed was the pressure to be shifted to Kris Bryant and then he can just play some ball. I am still a Phillies fan always, but I appreciate good baseball always.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Metal Mania!

Why do the Rockies and Cubs hit their pitcher 8th? Wouldn't you want a better hitter to potentially bat more during the course of a game? I don't completely understand the strategy. I get you might get lucky and have speed at the bottom of the lineup and the top of the lineup to potentially create havoc but then you're making your 7th guy like the 8th guy and making him easy to pitch around to get the easy out on the pitcher spot. I don't agree with the strategy.

As I type this the Phillies should be wrapping up a win against the Marlins and Ryan Howard whacked his first HR of the season. Nice to see him get on the board and to take the lead!

This post does pertain to baseball and more importantly baseball cards. I had lamented earlier in the year not being able to win the silver framed cards because so many people were chasing them. Someone decided to unload the Phillies he collected and I was able to snag 4 of them for about 20 bucks!

He made a poor choice having the auction end about 5 minutes into the first episode of Game of Thrones.

Bastardo was part of a pretty solid bullpen last year. He is no longer on the Phillies, but the Phillies bullpen won't be the weakness of the team this year. Real solid 8th inning guy in Giles and Papelbon is still good despite his price tag.

Choooooch! Always a fan favorite but we'll see how many years he has left. I have a feeling they're going to let him, Howard and Utley go all at the same time to really end the Championship era. 

 Marlon's been a solid player most of his career whereever he has gone. He's had a fairly slow start in Cincy but I'd expect him to pick it up a bit. The guy always hustled. 

Here's a nice PC addition! I really hope Howard makes the Chrome cut this year so I have another rainbow to chase. If not, not 100% sure what I'll chase instead. We'll cross that bridge when it comes. In the meantime, the first few weeks of baseball season has been fun!

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trade with Off Hiatus Baseball!

I recently got my half of the trade from Off Hiatus Baseball! I have to go through my Brewers cards and try and return the favor. He messaged me and asked if my want lists were up to date (they were) then proceeded to destroy them! I cross offed well over 100 cards! Completed 7 team sets in full! I had no idea what to scan so I just have a bit of a sampling.

Maybe Pete Rose will get reinstated by the new commissioner and get in the Hall of Fame, or probably not, but it is fun to debate. I actually saw Pete Rose in Atlantic City last year (not gambling). It was his one man show. The beginning of it I thought was entertaining, he told a bunch of funny baseball stories, but when they opened the audience to questions I didn't think it was controlled real well. Most of the people just complemented him and didn't actually ask any questions or told their own personal story. 

I like picture in picture. Remember back in the 90s when that was the new thing on TVs. I feel like it didn't quite catch on, but it was cool to be able to watch two football games at once even if one was in a 5 inch square on the screen and you had no idea what was happening. Good times!

Larry Bowa is a fun guy. I always wonder how its like to literally do baseball your entire life. Player, manager, base coach, a little bit of everything in his career. 

Thanks for the ridiculous package!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gypsy Queen.. (one card trade bait!)

I see Gypsy queen just dropped. I didn't get any yet but I do have this one for trade from year's past if anyone is interested. It's a Curtis Granderson wood mini in a Yankees uniform numbered out of 5.

I would love something cool in Phillies in return or Frank Thomas. Or just a really delicious sandwich. So you know I'm open to offers if interested!

Check it out!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

I spoke to soon..

My bad to all the Phillies fans out there. They no longer have a winning record. The pitching has been quite solid this year, hitting not so much. Lots of guys might not break .200 this year, that's kinda ugly. Hopefully the warm weather starts warming up the long ball for some Phillies hitters. Never like losing to the Mets. Rollins was the Mets killer when he was here. Check out these stats..

Thats near impossible read from baseball but his stats are

241 Games, 987 At bats, 148 Runs, 267 Hits, 51 doubles, 10 triples, 30 Home Runs, 118 RBIs, 62 SB's, 94 Walks, .280/.343/.786 and roughly 40,000 broken hearts in 2008.

Good times.

By the way the amount of information on Baseball Reference is absurd. I feel like I could be a scout. Here's a shiny card for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Always willing to pick up rookies for cheap. This was before he was Rookie of the Year and MVP and World Series Champion. Pretty solid.

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