Tuesday, July 29, 2014

That's Patch-Tastic (number not sure but it's a good one!)

I recently received the item I alluded to in my previous post. It completed a set that I never honestly expected to complete. Just the fact all of the cards surfaced and I was able to negotiate for all 3 from three different people in a 2 year period.. I wasn't putting betting odds on that one.

Check out the newest edition!

A pretty awesome patch one of one!

Check out the one of one Triple Threads set!

They look so nice all together. Quite a nice addition to my Ryan Howard collection! 2012 was one of the better years for patches. The lower the card number the nicer they got.

Gint-A-Cuffs box has been received. Once the rules are posted the opening will commence! Oh the excitement!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Some 2009 Rarities and other Musings!

Sticking with some Ryan Howard themes lately (shocking I know). Heard some rumors flying around that the Phils might release him. I wouldn't be thrilled about that. Really kinda stupid when the team isn't going anywhere this year and then decide to eat that much money and get nothing for it. I hope it doesn't happen. The farm system is barren so they really have no replacement. Ruf hasn't turned into the player that hit all those home runs in double A.

Onto happier things! Gint-a-Cuffs box is ordered! I took the suggestion for Steel City Collectibles and to get the free shipping grabbed another box that will be fun to open! (2001 Fleer Tradition).

Also, Topps Chrome case has been pre ordered! I saw the price drop a bit yesterday so I decided to pull the trigger! Glad I didn't get stuck with a higher pre-order! Purchased from another reliable source atlanta sports cards! (I do not have any affiliation with Steel City Collectibles or Atlanta sports cards).

Super excited to continue the series that started this blog (What's in a Case?!) Hope you guys enjoy following along my semi live blogging updates!

Onto the 2009 goodness!

Another Gold refractor! Guess I really like gold.. even though I really don't wear any jewelry. Howard looks like he's whacking a home run on that pitch. Head down looking at the ball, good form! 

This is the black parallel numbered out of 63 from base topps! I wasn't collecting back in 2009 so I figured I missed the boat on this parallel. Thankfully, it came up and I was able to snag it for super cheap! (1 dollar!) I'll never so no to this type of card for a buck! One day soon I should catalog my Ryan Howard serial numbered. I have them all separated out. We'll see how that goes! (If it goes!)

Anyways thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some Howard Gold!

Received another card in the mail today! I will show that later, but it's pretty cool. Recently got a nice birthday present from my fiance! I was able to find a huge chase card on ebay and it completes a pretty sweet 'set'. It should be in later this week and I will show the cards together! Should be very aesthetically pleasing. In the mean time.. shiny is good!

A little bit of Topps Chrome and a little bit of Bowman Chrome. Gold seems to be a popular color and I'm not complaining I like it! If I had the time and resources I'd totally go after a gold set of Topps Chrome. That would really pop out in a binder. The Sepia set I have is pretty awesome to page through (still hard to top completing that beast of a set).

Thanks to those who gave me advice on where to buy the ginter box. Much appreciated! I will be purchasing later this week. Rules haven't been posted (so much anticipation!)

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Monday, July 21, 2014

A Museum and a Bear?!

I've been only slightly lazy with scanning lately. I have a couple new additions to scan but I have a couple more on the way so I may just wait to do it all at once. In this post I'm just showing off some 'new' cards that I scanned a little while ago. Once the rules hit for gint-a-cuffs I will order a box. Any suggestions on the cheapest place to buy one? I've been looking at the usual suspects and it seems to be anywhere from 95-100 dollars. Any suggestions is appreciated!

Check out the Museum!

This is from a previous year's Museum Collection. I was able to snag it cheap (under 10 bucks I'm sure) and it's numbered out of 35. Howard looks real serious in the picture though. Despite his batting average this year he's still up to 60 RBIs. 

This is a nice looking Bear Relic (but seriously I think its a jersey). He looks much happier in this picture then the one above. I don't see these or the auto version pop up too much (I have one of each so not like I'm actively looking) I like the frames as usual. Framed = good.

Today's a rest day for the Tour De France. I've only missed watching one stage so far. It's been quite an enjoyable race. 

Also, I made a fantasy baseball trade in my keeper league. I traded Pujols for Jose Fernandez and Zach Wheeler. Now for next year I'll have Wainwright, Fernandez, Cano and Beltre to keep. That's a solid top 4. Obviously, health for Fernandez is important but I have faith he'll come back strong.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Some Panini Shine!

Personally, I do not actively collect the logo-less cards but if I stumble upon a visually pleasing design or pick them up in a trade that's cool with me. The Phillies continued their losing ways after the all star break. It's been a tough season, even local radio has moved onto the Eagles. Unless the Phillies make any big trades they will be largely ignored in the media. I plan on going to at least one more game this year (Roy Halladay bobble head doll!) and maybe a couple more since tickets will become very affordable. Always look on the bright side of life! (thanks Monty Python).

Check out the shininess!

The two blue refractors are the Jackie Robinson parallels numbered out of 42. The purple is out of 99. (Came as a package for 99 cents!) I like the colors and what not. One day I will own a 1952 Topps Jackie Robinson but today is not that day(always wanted to say that!) Anyways have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Nice Auto Relic!

I haven't gotten one of these 'high' end cards in a while. Most of the time they sit as pretty high buy it now's that only if you really had to have it will be bought. Thankfully, this one went to open auction and I was able to snag it at a very reasonable price. Always happy to add a pretty card to the collection!

This card is numbered out of 10 from Topps Sterling. Sterling is obviously no longer produced but it seems that a lot of the cards out of it are quite nice. Wonder if Tribute or Museum Collection replaced it. It has a pretty nice multi colored relic thing going on at the bottom. The signature could only be improved if it was on card. Howard on cards can be tough to come by. I have a few but not nearly as many as stickers.

Big month coming up, gint-a-cuff's victory (still have to purchase the box) and then Topps Chrome comes out soon! Can't wait!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2 More for the Chase!

You would think the title is a Chase Utley pun.. but I'm not that clever. Just a quick post to show my 2 recent relic pickups from Topps Series 2. I haven't actually bought any packs just these 2 cards.

The base relic is on top and the gold relic is on the bottom. The only difference in design is Howard's name is gold foil and its numbered out of 99 on the bottom left. The difference in price was about a dollar.

Seems like Ginter is extra interesting this year. I haven't busted any yet but most of the breaks seem to get one or two worthwhile cards. I have no plans to collect anything but the Phillies in it so after I post all the cards from the box we can make some trades (trading has been slow for me this year but thats because I have almost nothing new)

Thanks for reading have a great day!