Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A few more for the PC!

I was able to snag a few more autos for the Ryan Howard PC! Pretty happy with these none of them are doubles and they look good.

They are all from 2004 and all numbered out of 100. The 2nd one really pops with the red background and the Phillies colors. I was looking at purchasing Phillies tickets today for some games and you can get outfield seats in the 8 to 10 dollar range. A beer at the park costs more and parking for that matter. Could be the weather it has not been particularly warm this April. I'm going to a couple games in the next few weeks. Always fun. I went to the Flyers playoff game with my wife. Had a good time at the game despite them losing. They played real well in the first period then got kinda housed by the Penguins the rest of the game.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

A couple of old cards!

These cards were also picked up at the most recent Philly card show. Always a good time had by all (I do not truly know this but I want to believe it!) I was lucky enough to get a free autograph ticket for Bobby Shantz. I didn't have a card on me so I figured I'd find a decent card to get signed during the show.

I think I did well..

I chose to go with black cause I thought it would pop more. Mr. Shantz was super nice and personable to every single person. When I went up I asked if he remembered that year. He said 'Oh yes I remember it well, they spelled my name wrong on this card'. All in all a super positive experience.

Also grabbed this card of some HOF guy...

Since I finished my Topps 50s run, I decided to start going after the Bowman Phillies team sets (already have 1955). This will be a longer term project since the cards aren't cheap even for some of the commons. This copy of the card is super nice very clean.

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Who wants "Rare" authenticated Dirt?!

Apparently I do! I actually really like the design of these cards and apparently they are pretty tough pulls in 2018 Topps Opening day. One in 1,772 packs according to cardboard connection. That's quite a tough pull. For 20 bucks I snagged this card off ebay.

It's authentic Game-used ballpark dirt. Doesn't say from which part of the Diamond or if some players slid into it at home plate. Or maybe its from the mound and some pitchers threw near it. Still a cool card as much as I poke fun at it.

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

2 Cards from Bob Walk the Plank!

Many of you read and trade with our friend Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank! He writes an entertaining blog and actually posts regularly.. unlike some people. (alluding to myself) I have plenty of content just work is tiring. He was kind enough to add to my Ryan Howard collection out of the blue. I have a return package ready to go just need to get to the post office to send it off.

This patch is really nice. I never open Panini products so I wouldn't get one without purchasing or trading for it. Howard looks to be excited to be catching the ball in this picture.

This is obviously from Immaculate. One of Panini's high end boxes. They run roughly 200+ dollars a box. Kinda pricey! 

Thanks for the cards and I hope you like the return package once I send it!

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

2 New Ryan Howard autos!

Recently there was a seller on ebay unloading a few rare and not so rare Ryan Howard autos. I think I went after all of them but unfortunately didn't win them all (no idea what the total price tag would've been if I won them all..) These 2 were my top 2 targets. Not sure if I overpaid but don't truly care because I wanted them for the PC. At last count including Balls and Bats and the like I now own over 50 Ryan Howard autographs. Pretty cool for us baseball card nerds!

As you can see the SP authentic numbered out of 10. This is the only one I've ever seen in ebay or in person and now it resides in my PC!

Really like the look of this Topps Finest auto. It's on card numbered out of 25 and the Red really works with the Phillies colors. Very pleased with the presentation. 

I'd prefer not to talk about Kapler attempting to bring someone in without anyone warming up. Just bad. 

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Baseball Season is upon us!

I'm super excited for Opening Day! Unfortunately the Phillies home opener lands on a day that there is no way I can make it, but I already have plans to attend 2 games in April. Hopefully they start off the season strong. I really like the Kingery signing. Such low risk money for huge potential. They bought out his arbitration years and then 3 option years of Free Agency. If he has any talent (and it sure seems like it) its a great contract for the Phillies and Kingery himself guaranteed his financial future. From what I heard on the radio (so obviously must be true) this is the first contract of this type for a player who has never played a game and wasn't on the 40 man roster. Jon Singleton got 10 million or so from the Astros but he was on the 40-man (also was traded to the Astros by the Philles).

To show some baseball card love here are my best Rhys Hoskins cards (I don't have very many been priced out of a lot of them)

This is the regular short print variation. I tried chasing the Super Short Print variation recently but it went for about 86 dollars and that was out of budget.

This is the base card. Honestly a way better picture then the short print.

Can't beat the shininess of this card. A recent card show pickup and looking on ebay I actually didn't overpay (imagine my surprise!) I really like the Silver pack cards this year. They really pop.

Thanks for reading! Go Phillies!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

1951 Bowman!

I recently started to go back and fill in the Bowman team sets for the Phillies from the 1950s. In my Topps run I did manage to complete 1955 Bowman (really like that set) but I neglected the earlier Bowman sets. I have the 1949 Bowman Richie Ashburn which is a big card but there are a few more key cards I need to acquire. Here is my start!

All of them in pretty decent shape. I'm thinking of getting them all in SGC Graded cases cause they look really nice in them. The Roberts is slightly lower graded because there is some staining on the back but nothing major. The Sawyer and Jimmy look real nice up close. Can't wait til I get all of these together and have them to display!

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