Saturday, August 30, 2014

What's in a Case Box 4!

Now if I had more money I would do what's in a case series for every kind out there! When I hit the lottery and open my own non profit baseball card store you can count on it! Still waiting to hit that Abreu superfractor that will pay for my wedding!

Onto the cards!

Hit a Phillies Ethan Martin Black refractor. That's nice, goes straight into the PC. I'm thinking of going after the Topps Shelf insert set. They are nice. The 1989 reprints are nice too but they'll most likely be up for trade. I don't feel the need to go after all of them. Some big name base refractors Harper and Kershaw! 

The Jimmy Nelson is a refractor out of 499. The Erik Johnson is the base auto (Erik Johnson hot box! (hit a blue refractor above) The rarest card according to pack odds is still the Black auto of Odor, hopefully that will change in the near future!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 29, 2014

What's in a Case Box 3!

Onto more breaking fun! Had a lot of comments on the last post, much appreciated! I'm always up for trading at the end (seeing as how most of the boxes are still sealed so I have no idea what's in them) (Hopefully 4 or 5 superfractors)

Onto Box 3!

Some more color! Yay! Topps eliminated the Pink refractor and camo from this year's rainbow. Every year I try and collect the Ryan Howard rainbow (if you find the super let me know!) so 2 less colors is ok with me. The pink's were difficult to find last year (numbered out of 5) The lowest this year is atomic out of 10. (Already have a Howard on the way!) The Red Sox guy is Will Middlebrooks if you can't read the name. I like Billy Hamilton's game this year. He's up over 50 steals and could easily reach 60 or 70 by the end of the year. He had a real rough April so I'm glad he bounced back. 

Another color auto! Nice to see, Mr Tommy Medica. The Pinto is a base version but one of the better pictures I've seen. No big Rangers in this box sorry guys!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for Box 4 probably a bit later!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Whats in a Case Part 2!!!

Thanks for the comments so far! Mr Judson will be happy with this next box, hopefully we can work out a deal!

It definitely improved on Box 2! None of the base cards have been sorted so I'm not sure of the collation yet. I'm a bit tired so lets get to it!

A Ryan Howard base card! A color refractor of Michael Cuddyer the first of the break! A nice Miggy Topps Shelf insert. 

Rarest card so far! Rougned Odor black refractor auto! Numbered out of 100. He's a 20 year old player on the Rangers so lots of future left.

Onto box 3 tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

What's in a Case Returns!!! (Part 1 Box 1!)

My fiance and I decided to start ripping some packs when she got home from work last night. As usual we took turns going back and forth until the box was empty! Shows how much I pay attention to dates.. my blogaversary was on August 12th! Totally missed it! Onto year 3 of this fun and interesting endeavor. I will say I've truly enjoyed writing and talking to people and trading throughout the last few years. Thanks to all who have made this possible.

Onto the cards..

Box 1 was less then good.. but hey there's 11 more to go! (I'm mostly optimistic in everything I do in life)

Not a single color refractor.. but the odds are crazy this year. No guarantees you'll hit any color in every box. I hope some boxes are loaded to make up for the lack of color. It was nice to see Abreu and Tanaka Rookies so at least there's that. The 1989 inserts are pretty cool. I like the look of them. As well as the 1 per box Top Shelf inserts. The design works in my opinion. The Diecuts are ok, slightly better then last year (no sharp edges like last years). 

The 2 autos to start the break was Michael Choice and Yangervis Solarte (on the Padres now). I like Solarte's penmanship. Nothing spectacular obviously but On card no redemptions (last year I hit 8-10 redemptions in the case) 

Well thats the start, more to come if I have time today! 

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A trade completed with reader Scott!

I recently completed another trade with a fellow blog reader Scott (I read blogs too). He is kind enough to throw any Frank Thomas's he finds my way and I send him a random assortment of stuff he likes. It's been working well now for about a year and a half or so (wow go blog!)

Check out some cool cards!

A whole lot of Big Hurtedness (made up a word!) I really like Prizm refractor and the playing card thing! 

A random Philly assortment. Randall looking suave in his photo shoots. I'm still mad at Gary Andersen for missing his first kick of the season to go the super bowl against the Falcons. He should've made that and we would've gotten to see Moss and Cunningham in the big game. Would've been fun! Eddie Jones is a big fan favorite around here. He was great at Temple with Aaron McKie as his running mate. 

Fun Fact: the year before Iverson won the MVP (2001) the Sixers tried to trade him for a package centered around Eddie Jones. The reason the trade did not go through was Matt Geiger (Sloth) did not want to leave Philly and refused to waive his no trade clause. That's probably the biggest contribution of Gieger's career! 

Some more Mr Thomas! Always a good mail day when 18 cards are added to my list!

Thanks for the trade look forward to the next one!

Also.. CHROME IS HERE!!!!!!! I e-mailed the store last night (atlanta sports cards) because I could not find my invoice (my bad I deleted it). Give props to them they were super responsive and gave me a tracking number in no time. Not so much props to the UPS guy who decided to leave the case at my front step (I live in an apartment complex) Thankfully I got home from work normal time and nothing was amiss. That was a bit nerve wracking to say the least. At least it is here. Have a busy few days ahead so not sure when What's in a Case will begin!.. But maybe a box here or there before the weekend!

Thanks for reading!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Chrome is coming!!!!

I believe Chrome has arrived in retail stores (see some on ebay) but soon the hobby side will be unleashed into this world! I am anticipating receiving my case Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. The auto checklist looks a little large this year but we'll see how it goes. Either way I expect opening 288 packs will be a lot of fun! The card above is from 2009 Topps Chrome! A nice gold refractor. Ryan Howard is on the checklist this year so please if you pull any rare ones keep me in mind! (Still searching for the Super from last year)

Can't wait! Exciting week ahead.. Fantasy draft season and Topps Chrome!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So Much to do, So Much to Say

No reason for the title, just have the song stuck in my head. I am about to watch Philly vs. Vegas in the LLWS. It's been fun to watch a local team make it far in a tough tournament (I think its tough?). I quit playing little league in 6th grade. I was ok at baseball but I wanted to play hockey. I ended up playing Hockey, Basketball and Soccer through high school. Played 2 years of D3 soccer in college. That was my best sport because back then I could really run and I was fearless. Who knows how many concussions I actually had.. haha.

Onto card related musings.. Have some cool pickups that I made in the last month or so that I haven't had the opportunity to show!

This one is cool! I went back and forth with the seller a few times but it was a civil negotiation and I ended up with this patch out of 5 of Sebestain Valle (he threw in the base card for free, much appreciated)

What's nice about this patch is on the back, the disclaimer (can't think of the word atm) says it was game used in the futures game. It is not from some random game. It fits in well with some of the other patch type stuff I have shown. Collecting cards is fun! Chrome is a week away!

Fantasy football draft season is here as well! I have 6 drafts, 5 leagues (helping a buddy out who can't make his draft) Thankfully all of my drafts landed on different days! Also, 2 of them are in person which will be a lot of fun. If anyone wants to talk football I'm always up for it!

Thanks for reading!