Thursday, October 3, 2019

1992 Fleer Ultra card!

Normally I would not get excited about a junk wax era card but there are some gems out there. I ran across this at the last card show and I had never seen one in person so I decided to buy it off the dealer. Maybe overpaid by a couple bucks compared to ebay (although with shipping not that far off) but it is my first Gwynn out and it is on-card and its pretty cool looking.

Has the Fleer stamp as you can see in the middle. Very legible and nice signature in black ink.

Gabe Kapler is still the Phillies manager. There is quite a few differing opinions now on whether he will stay or go. The Phillies are either really smart or really stupid.. can't figure out which.

Hope the playoffs are fun.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A nice 'new' vintage card!

This was a big pickup for the Phillies PC. I've been looking for a nice looking copy of this card but they don't pop up too often in my price range.

A nice PSA 3 Mike Schmidt O-Pee-Chee Rookie card! I now have the regular version and the nice Canadian version. No creases or paper loss. A little beat up on the corners and edges but meh that's Vintage for ya. A nice card to add to the PC! I will display it proudly!

Thanks for reading! The Kapler getting fired countdown has begun (at least according to sports talk radio, we shall see)

Monday, September 16, 2019

In person trade, at the Philly Show!

I went to the Philly Show this past Saturday with my wife. I had texted with Brian from Collecting Cutch about meeting up at the show. He was there to get his awesome piece signed by Andrew McCutchen and this show isn't a bad drive for me so we always try to go to it. There is a lot of dealers and I always get to see some amazing cards in person. Maybe overpay for a thing or 2 here or there but find some good deals as well. The show has really revived over the past year or so. It was dead for a minute there and I was worried it was on its way out and the promoter has really done a good job bringing people back. It was crazy packed on Saturday. It rivaled being as crowded as it was when the Eagles won the super bowl and a lot of the Eagles players were signing in the March show. It was really cool to see so many people of all ages enjoying our great hobby.

I picked up some stuff as usual. Some old, some new.Other posts will be for that.

Brian and I exchanged some cards. Definitely new cards for me!

The top 6 cards were from National Baseball card day which I didn't have any of so much appreciated for those. The Hamels is a mini from a rip card so they are not particularly easy cards to find. I have a couple Phillies now from rip cards (actually literally 2). 

The Negative of McCutchen is a really good looking card. I like these parallels in Chrome

Oh yea he just threw in a Steve Carlton autograph. Ho-hum! 

Thanks for the cards, the show was a lot of fun! Glad I was able to video Cutch signing the item! 

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Fun cards

I haven't gotten too much new things in the past month. Unfortunately been spending money on life stuff but all good. I plan on hitting up the Philly show this month and hope to pick up some vintage and anything else that catches my eye there. Usually find some good stuff or random stuff.

These are the only 2 bat knob cards I own. Glad I picked them up when I did cause they do not come up often and of my PC player. He doesn't seem to be in the recent sets since he retired.

One vertical and one horizontal. One of them is Panini and one of them is Topps. Both are visually pleasing even without the logo. Two centerpieces of my Ryan Howard collection.

Go Phillies!

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Back to Back Championship!!

I have officially won my 2nd straight head to head Championship in Fantasy Baseball. I adopted a strategy early on the season that I wasn't sure was going to work. I ended up finishing 2nd in the regular season (out of 12) and getting a bye. I won both playoff rounds 6-5 and am officially the Champion. This league is tough because we limit moves. Only allowed 32 moves for the whole season so streaming pitchers would be difficult if any of your players get hurt. I ended up using 31 moves I held one at the end of the season just in case someone got hurt.

Original Roster based on draft pick round. I had first overall pick.

1. Mike Trout
2. Justin Verlander (traded)
3. Kris Bryant (traded)
4. Walker Buehler
5.  Jack Flaherty
6. James Paxton
7. Clayton Kershaw
8. David Dahl (dropped)
9. Michael Conforto
10. Yasmani Grandal
11. Jose Peraza (dropped)
12. Mallex Smith (dropped and picked back up before the playoffs for speed)
13. Luis Castillo
14. Julio Urias (dropped)
15. Greg Holland (traded)
16. Jonathan Schoop (dropped)
17. Hunter Strickland (dropped)
18. Pete Alonso
19. Garrett Hampson (dropped)
20. Jhouyls Chacin (dropped)

Draft wise I didn't do badly.  Trout was a no brainer #1 overall. Verlander was the right pitcher even though I traded him. The 4th-7th round I hit on all 4. Paxton being the worst but he was serviceable. Kershaw was great this year consistently pumping out quality starts. I took Grandal earlier then I wanted but catcher was so weak this  year. That worked out instead of having to scramble to put in a decent catcher. 

Here is the Championship roster.

C - Yasmani Grandal
1B - Pete Alonso
2B - Yuli Gurriel
3B - Vlad Guerrero Jr.
SS - Eduardo Escobar
OF - Michael Conforto
OF - Rhys Hoskins
OF - Joc Pederson
UTIL - Mike Trout
BN - Mallex Smith

I tended to rotate Pederson. For a lot of the year I also had Verdugo and would just rotate them in and out. Kind of like Dave Roberts did in real life before Verdugo went down. Escobar was a great pickup he had massive offensive numbers. Yuli I had in April dropped him and then picked him back up when he got hot after the All Star break. 

Pitchers --
Walker Beuhler
Marcus Stroman
Andrew Heaney
Jack Flaherty
Clayton Kershaw
Kyle Gibson
John Means
James Paxton
Luis Castillo
Marco Gonzalez

I rolled 10 starters most of the year. I did a poor job picking closers in the draft and one when went down I tried to salvage it early but wasn't successful so I traded Greg Holland and completely punted the category. Castillo was solid pretty much the whole year. He has a nasty changeup.

My big trade this year on paper I probably lost but it worked out.

I traded Kris Bryant, Justin Verlander, Greg Holland and Wade Miley for Max Muncy, Joc Pederson, Rhys Hoskins and Kyle Gibson. (trade done on May 4th)

Bryant was driving me crazy early in the year and I really wanted Rhys on the team so I probably overpaid. Joc would get hot now and then and Muncy when I had him was actually super solid. I ended up flipping Muncy for Vlad though. (trade done on June 6th)

Overall super happy to win back to back! Head to head leagues are tough!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Blue-ish Harper!

I snagged this card off of Blowout in a lot. I like Harper in a Phillies uniform and I like the look of this card.

Clearly can see it's numbered. I have the base version as well (which unfortunately I paid way more for, should've waited that one out). Win some, lose some. Either way they are both PC cards. Harper's bat has really come alive this month. It's nice to see him hitting the way he should. His defense has been pretty solid all year too. I was at 2 games this year where he had really nice outfield assists. One guy he threw out at 3rd and one at 2nd. Both were really nice plays.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

2 Box Ginter Break

Despite Gint-A-Cuffs taking a year hiatus (I have no doubt it will be back strong next year) the wife and I decided to crack open 2 boxes of Ginter anyway. It was a fun break and we did pretty well odds wise.

The framed relics are rarer as in the last couple years. Two years in a row hit the Benintendi framed relic. The three other guys are Miguel Cabrera, Yadi Molina and David Dahl. Two future hall of famers and an up and comer, not bad.

Also, got this autograph in the wife's box in the last pack. Saw the blue jays team and got excited.. oh well wrong guy but still nice to hit an auto in Ginter.

Hit a nice rare Brooklyn Back mini of Orlando Cepeda. Second one of these in 2 years after never hitting any. 

Hit this Paul Molitor rip card. This is now the third rip card that I've personally pulled. The other 2 were double rips and are still intact.. this one yielded....

A Johnny Bench EXT mini.

Overall very fun break.

I am looking for these base cards if anyone has them to trade or sell.

5 11 19

30 39 48 50 53
56 61 65 67
91 94 105 112 119
123 125 130 137 139
160 162 166 168
183 195 204 211 213 218 222 229 236

260 264 266 278 280 281 290 293 299