Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2017 Bowman Platinum Break

My wife was kind enough to stop at Wal Mart and check if there was any of the new Bowman Platinum. She was able to pick up 2 of the collector's boxes which guarantee 2 autos per box. 40 packs total. Was a fun rip. The base cards are rather shiny and the inserts are nice looking. I was pretty happy with the break overall...

 Four really solid autos. The Torres sells pretty well on ebay last I checked. Rosario is the Mets number one prospect. The Dalbec is numbered out of 25.

Didn't get a Judge Rookie Radar insert but did hit the Bellinger. The Torres Orange was the rarest card of the break at 1:1:100 packs! 

This was the only Judge of both boxes.The Moniak was flipped the wrong way in the pack and the first 3 times that happened it was the auto of the pack. When I saw it the first time I thought Topps forgot to put the auto on it. I was annoyed but I'd live. Then I pulled another auto and I went back and checked, it's the Rookie variation (roughly 1 in 165 packs!) I was pretty happy about that pull being a Phillies fan.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Found cards!!!!

I recently (year and a half ago ish) moved to a new place. We unpacked everything got the card room up and running (most importantly!) I thought I had all cards accounted for. I was super careful to not let anyone move my nice cards or touch even the not nice heavy ones. Recently, I was watching some random breaks online and saw there was Clayton Kershaw autograph. I was like oh yea I should have one of those. I went to the card room to look and could not find it anywhere. I spent part of my day off last week going through boxes wondering if I stuck it one of my many 800 count boxes that I have on the shelf. Unfortunately, I found nothing. I asked my lovely wife if she had any ideas. She informed me that there was one thing we had not unpacked. Some old VHS tapes down in the basement. I kind of dismissed it but she decided to go look and low and behold the cards were sitting in some Upper Deck tins in there!

Disaster Averted!

The card that started the search..

 A pretty nice Clayton Kershaw on-card Five Star auto. He is pitching lights out this year. Glad I was able to find my only auto of his. The prices keep going up.

Some other goodies. A 93 finest refractor of Mitch Williams (I now own 3 Phillies, Dykstra and Hollins are the other 2) I do want to complete the Phillies team set eventually. Or the whole set but don't know if I have the resources for that. I'd have to abandon my other PC's and solely focus on that. The Harper was a gift from a friend, really crazy thick card. The Konerko was a prize from Jaybarkerfan in one of his fun giveaways. The DiMaggio is a shortprint Legend from 2012 Topps. The Bench Relic I traded for a while ago and same with the Hoffman from another blogger. The triple threads I purchased on ebay cause I liked the sayings. The Brett is a double sided relic. 

Two Hall of Famers are one good player up top, Bill Buckner, Andre Dawson and Fergie Jenkins (numbered out of 25). A Jedd Gyorko rookie auto, he's now a regular player in St Louis. 

The Koufax, Bauer and Roark came from a random box break. The Jim Palmer silver signature was an ebay purchase. I suppose I liked singles from 2012 Topps Five Star. The Nelson Cruz is a nice diecut auto from 2012 Topps Chrome. Love that set. The best auto of all Chipi. Also the famous Jim Abbott and the still trying to get it completely together Tijuan Walker.

The collection is back to 'complete'. Every card accounted for thanks to the wife!

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Friday, July 7, 2017

2017 Topps Heritage Break

I bought this box at a card show back in early March. With the way 2017 wax prices have been wish I would've kept it sealed. I only paid 75 dollars and if I'm not mistaken these hobby boxes are now running in the 200 dollar range. Which is crazy if you ask me.

Only scanned the best stuff..

A Aaron Judge base rookie card. Gotta love how his stuff is driving up almost everything. Topps should offer boxes that guarantee no judge for half the price. My box hit was the Freeman relic. He's back from injury at least. Pujols and Segura are the chrome cards. The Correa is the action variation short print. (probably the best card in the box) Didn't do well at 75 but definitely would've been way more annoyed if I had paid 200! Cards themselves are nice though. I've broken a few more things in the past couple days. Some good stuff in my opinion!

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Some sweet autos!

It's cool when you're friends know you collect and like to get you random things. My best friend has seen my collection and likes to contribute from time to time. He knows all things Phillies are always welcome. Check out the autos he gave me!

Pretty sweet cards. Ricky Jordan, Roger McDowell, Aaron Rowand (pre broken nose), Mike Lieberthal, Ruben Amaro Jr and Tommy Greene. A who's who of 90's Phillies. Greene's auto is very appealing on the Pinnacle card. Ruben had a long run with the Phillies as a player and as a front office executive. He did bring a World Series and tried to bring many just didn't work out as planned. I like that he just wants to be in baseball and decided to take a job as the Red Sox first base coach. Shows he doesn't really care about titles just for the love the game. Also, he was very available to the media which was good and bad for him but the new regime barely gets in front of the media it seems. Should be a job requirement since all the fans pay their salaries one way or another.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ryan Howard Rookie auto!

Been slow on posting. I know, busy month, but I did get in a new Ryan Howard for the ole PC. I'm still on the lookout for the rare stuff and anything that catches my eye. This is my 2nd copy of this particular card. The other one is BGS graded, just need a raw copy to complete the 'set'. (full disclosure I bought these graded did not send them in myself)

Numbered 49 out of 100. Solid auto of his. I wonder if he had Bowman Chrome autos what they would've gone for back in the day. He went nuts his rookie season and won the ROY. Aaron Judge is basically a shoe in for ROY (right?) and hes prices have gone insane. I've been enjoying this baseball season as a whole. Lots of good players to watch even with Trout out.

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I recently picked up this fun card for my wife. She is a avid squirrel card collector. If my count is correct she is now up to 3 different cards. Still searching for the ever elusive 2012 Topps Squirrel card for a reasonable price (there's a few ridiculous buy it nows). What I like about this 2015 version is that it's actually a Phillies card!

Look at the one lady ducking and the one exuberant young man taking a quick photo. Lots to see in this card. The guy in the red hat missed his chance at fame because something else besides the Squirrel caught his attention. I've always wanted to be in the background of a semi prominent base card (not too prominent I value my privacy and I would obviously be way too famous if it was a prominent card). Also, I would like to sit directly behind the dugout, those are some swank seats. I'm more of a Upper Deck baseball fan when I go to the stadium. I like 400 level behind home plate, can see the whole field with a good view of the beautiful Philly skyline.

Enjoy Squirrels, hope they don't eat all of your bird feeders!

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

A long foreshadowing post..

Since I'm such an astute writer. I did some foreshadowing in my previous post. I showed a pretty sweet Bat Knob that I had picked up a few years ago. Little did you know that I recently picked up another one! I have not 1, but 2 Bat Knobs in my Ryan Howard collection! I could, in theory, if I became a woodworker, build 2 brand new bats with these as the base of them.

It was surprisingly easy to install the scanner software on my new system. I should've done it a while ago my bad.

Without further delay here is my new Bat Knob!

Despite the no logo on the helmet it's a fetching card. I like the character of the knob itself. Clearly got some use from Howard and has his number written on the bottom. Now I have a horizontal version and a vertical version. I need the elusive diagonal version and the set will be complete.

Thanks for reading! Maybe one day the Phillies will be fun to watch again!