Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Currently watching the World Series

I'm currently watching the world series. I am happy with the matchup (since the Phillies missed the playoffs) I lived in Chicago for 2 years so I've been to quite a few Cubs games. Never been to Cleveland but don't hold any ill will towards them. Kinda hoping for a epic game 7 because no matter what a ridiculously long streak is over! Kluber does look good tonight so far.

Don't think I own any high end Indians or Cubs cards, so Charlie Brown it is. Everyones favorite lovable cartoon character. This card was given out in the all star game fanfest as a wrapper redemption in 2014. Not terribly valuable but not something you see too often. (only 8 currently on ebay!)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ever been here?

My wife picked out this card at the recent card show we went too. She likes to collect eclectic cards. She has the Poley Walnuts card from 2008 (we're still looking for the Skip Schumaker squirrel card for a reasonable price or trade).

This card is pretty cool..

It's the Blarney Castle in Ireland. One of the main tourist attractions I think. If you go to the top (up a rather neat spiral stone staircase) you can lean over the side while some dude holds your legs and kiss the wall upside down. I partook in that. Not a whole lot of real castles in America so its' real neat to see the history in other countries. I highly recommend going to Ireland if you have the chance. Lots to see and do.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

One card mailday (Big card Pirates fans)

I recently went to a card show (didn't have a huge budget since I spent all of my money at the National). Picked up some Phillies cards from the 60s and some small odds and ends but nothing major. I did get one card graded though and just received it back from Beckett. I don't often grade cards but I figured for protection and if I ever decide to sell it there won't be any qualms about condition.

Very happy with the encasement and the grade..

None other then one of the Pirates top prospects Austin Meadows...

Numbered 4 out of 5. This was pulled by my wife and I at the Topps booth at the National. Very fortunate to hit such a nice auto considering we only opened 7 promotional packs. (Also hit an auto or a Yankees prospect Jorge Mateo)  I'm a novice at grading so I literally did nothing to the card stuck it in a card saver and let Beckett do the rest. This kid should be high on the prospect list at the beginning of next year. 

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Monday, October 10, 2016

The futures auto

The Phillies pitching staff is quite young. With Jack Eichel (he looked solid this year) and Aaron Nola (really good first 2 months, followed by a bit of a slump and then injury).

I saw the design for this year's archives and had to pick up an auto.

I really like the 1985 Topps Design. Such a good year. A nice on card auto of a budding star.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ryan Howard era is over

I was not able to make it to the very last game due to the holiday season, but that's ok. I went to the 2nd to the last game with my wife and we witnessed his last home run as a Phillies player. That was a real nice moment. Seems like a lot of fans showed up for the very last game which was pretty classy to give him a nice send off. He will definitely be put on the Phillies Wall of Fame, I will have to keep an eye on the announcement to see when that will be. (I forget how many years they wait to induct players)

These are my 4 Ryan Howard Superfractors! Four of my favorite pieces of the PC. Hard to find of course and can be hard to acquire depending on the circumstances (had to trade a real nice Ichiro card for one of them). Three of them of course completed my rainbows of Topps Chrome. Good times!

Not sure how I'll feel if/when I see him in a different uniform. I know he doesn't want to retire right now and will try and give himself another shot to play. Can't blame a guy for wanting to keep playing MLB. Hope it works out for him on a personal level.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016


I've been busting Gint A Cuffs boxes for the last few years. The last two I've gotten real lucky and hit some cool stuff. I no longer own the Mike Trout wood mini one of one. I sold it to a wood mini collector for a pretty good sum. We were both happy with the transaction. It was hard for me to let go since I pulled it myself.. but I'll always have my own digital scan.

Bye bye wood mini trout, enjoy your new home!

I still have the Dodgers rip card (unripped). I had to put it out of sight or I'd be weak one day and just rip it for the heck of it. If the players weren't Kershaw and Maeda I would've already ripped it. I may have to eventually sell that one to a Dodgers collector just so they keep it intact or to a ginter collector who likes ripping cards no matter the price so I know whats inside. Such paradoxes.

As of this typing I am still in first for Gint-A-Cuffs! Super excited about that. I like to think of the stack of boxes that we saw at the National I just picked the best one there.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Some more Howard's and a childhood collection card!

Here are some of my more recent Ryan Howard pickups..

The metal base card from 2016 Topps. These are sharp cards if you haven't seen one in person yet. Good weight to them and nicely done. I wouldn't be upset if they kept this subset around for a bit. They're scarce enough that the big names pull in some pretty good money. 

This is this year's Topps Heritage Mini out of 100. Nice card, nothing fancy with Heritage. It's all about the errors and color swaps and throwbacks with that set. I personally have never chased down all the parallels, maybe one year I'll go all in and save up and buy 4 cases or so and chase them all. That'd be fun. Howard did hit his 23rd Homer last night. Phillies lost on a walk off home run by Yoenis Cespedes though. Good to see that Howard can still drive the ball even though his bat speed isn't what it was.

This card is from my childhood collection. Back in 1994 I was allowed to buy a box (parent's money) of 1993 Score Select. I remember hitting some of those Ace insert cards and my brother telling me to hang onto this Jeter rookie card. Still have it! It's quite the pose. 

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