Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Some oldies (1951 Bowman)

I have completed the Phillies Team sets for Topps from 1952 to 1970 or so. Slowly, chipping away at the 1970s and 80s. I believe I got most of the tough high numbers from the 70s may be missing 1 or 2. Some of the multi team cards were hard to find and a little expensive. The Grant Jackson card and the Willie Stargell rookie come to mind. Very happy to have them both in the collection. My Phillies team set binder is one of my favorites. I don't have 1952 Topps in there because they are all PSA graded.

I am backtracking and trying to get Bowman knocked out slowly but surely. I was able to get these at the last card show back when I was allowed to leave my house and have a social life.

Pretty nice looking bunch of cards. Knocked off a good chunk of the want list. I believe all I need left are commons so shouldn't be too difficult to complete!

Really looking forward to baseball. I am thankful though that the industry I am in is not laying off people currently. I do feel for the people with businesses that rely on customer traffic physically. It will be nice to get back to normal some day.

Happy positive thoughts! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

2020 Topps Blaster Break

I opened one blaster of 2020 to see the cards. I really do miss borders on flagship, it really makes the color parallels pop up a bit more. I like full bleed photography but I figured that's why Stadium Club exists. Those cards are always nice to look at and full gloss pictures. The blaster was fun to open and got some decent cards.

 The Hank Aaron was the 1 per box rookie recollection subset they have. I do not own an original copy so this will have to do for now. It's definitely on the want list though! They are not cheap though so I'll be selective and eventually find one with proper eye appeal that isn't way over budget.

Some nice 1985 inserts. I always liked the design of that year. One of the big rookies in Bo Bichette who has a lot of potnetial. The Yankees card is the rainbow foil parallel which didn't scan all that great.

The one chrome card I received was the Mike Trout. I will never complain about that! Whenever baseball resumes and we have Fantasy Drafts, I already know I'm first pick in one of my leagues and I plan on taking Trout!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 16, 2020

A double dose of Vlad

One day the season will start. I have opening day Phillies tickets to go with a friend of mine. I'm sure they will honor them in May or June when baseball resumes again. I usually host a tailgate for my birthday in May and invite 20 some people (had 18 people come last year pretty solid turnout), but that's been post poned until further notice. I'm glad I didn't already purchase the tickets so I don't have to do anything except tell people to wait. I was out and about at the card show a few weeks ago and now am basically quarantined in the house because I work in an office and no one is allowed to go in. (I feel good and my wife does too, no one is currently sick in the household) (also the Guinea Pig is happy too eating carrots like no other)

Onto the good stuff. At the show I really wanted to pick up a nice not crazy expensive Vlad card. He was a member of my Fantasy Baseball Championship team so I wanted a nice rookie.

Ended up with 2 ..

I bought 2 Vlad No numbers from Series 2. Ended up paying 75 for both which was probably close to the going rate. I think hes due for a monster year. That Toronto lineup is interesting with him, Biggio and Bichette. Lots of potential and power.

Thanks for reading! One day we will get baseball!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Ryan Howard... Babe Ruth..!

What do Ryan Howard and Babe Ruth have in common? Not much but they have a dual relic card in 2011 Topps Legendary Lineage.

I happened to find one at the card show and made a deal!

This is my first relic of the Babe and one of my many relics of Howard but the first and only card that I am aware of that has them both on it. I remember these popping up on ebay after this set came out and I figured I'd get one there eventually. I did not at that time and then they stopped popping up on ebay. I was quite surprised and pleased to find one in person. Same person I bought the Cole Hamels rookie off of at the last show. Good guy I like dealing with him and he always has interesting inventory.

Side note, when I was buying this card my wife was sick of standing since we were several hours into the show at this point. So she grabbed a chair at the table next to his and sorted someones box of commons. How nice of her!

Thanks for reading! Go Phillies!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

2020 Topps Heritage break (2 boxes!) (big hit!)

My wife and I picked up 2 boxes to open at the Philly show a couple weeks ago. Also, picked up a box of 1990 Topps that we haven't opened yet but I am sure a Frank Thomas NNOF is in it! (maybe one day we will pull one!) Back to the matter at hand, the Heritage break. I really do like the black borders, the card stock is good and the cards look sharp. It is hard to spot the autos but they made it a little easier on the variations this year because they write them on the back of the cards along with the really hard to read codes.

Definitely beat the odds in this break..

 These were the boxtoppers. The Acuna super boxtopper and Tony Oliva greatest moments. Pretty nice oddly shaped cards.

Chrome refractors were pretty tough to hit in the odds. 1 in 106 packs. Hit 1 in 2 boxes in the middle there is Yuli Gurriel. The 2 relics we hit were Rhys Hoskins (keeper!) and Jeff McNeil. Scanned some of the dual rookie cards.

These are the 2 action variations we hit. Very happy hitting the hot rookie who should hit pretty well this year and hitting a PC card in the Harper.

This is the french text variation. 1 in 243 packs. They made the backs on these very bright. 

Oh yeah, so we definitely hit 2 relics above and they were hit pretty early in the boxes so I didn't bother to look for autos. My mistake. We discovered 2 autos when the cards were being sorted. 

George Thomas blue auto.

 Washington Senators auto of Jeff Burroughs. There is no stated print run on these just less then 100 of each player. The odds are 1 in 6,684 packs! One of the rarer hits I've ever gotten in a pack! 

Very happy with this break overall. Even without the autos I wasn't upset getting the Harper and Lux actions. Just an added bonus to find the 2 autos after the fact! 

Also, got the requisite number of short prints (including 2 Trouts!)

Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Big Piece's!

I recently was able to pick up another copy of a pretty cool card. When 2012 National Treasures came out people were skeptical because of the lack of logos and then they quickly realized the content of the boxes were quite good. Tons of old timey relics and cool looking cards and other fun things. I was able to snag a few singles.

One I picked up in 2012. The other arrived last week! They are both numbered to 25. Only 23 to go if I can find them!

Only a few more weeks until the season!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 2, 2020

2019 Topps Chrome Sapphire Phillies Team Set!

I finally completed the Sapphire Phillies Team set. I didn't really chase the parallels but the base cards look super nice. I am a little disappointed they aren't blue like the previous years.I have all the Phillies Sapphire team sets so far and I plan on keeping that up for a while. They look good together.

Here is the current iteration:

So shiny and pretty. Interesting to see that a few of these players are already off the Phillies. No chase rookie cards in the bunch but at least that made it pretty cheap to complete! Here's hoping for a big year for Kingery. Maybe he'll get to stick to one position in the field this year. I don't pay a lot of attention to spring training except for injury purposes. Have to prepare for my fantasy drafts coming up in 3 or so weeks. The season starts super early this year!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Some card from the previous National

I just received the last Sapphire Chrome card I need in the  mail for my Phillies team set today! Once I get those scanned I will post them up. They are super shiny. I was able to piece together the team set by buying lots off of people and then got the last card in a PWE. I wasn't able to find anyone selling full team sets. The price of a box was skyrocketed so I wasn't paying to open them.

The last National I attended was 2016 in Atlantic City. I live in driving distance so it's much easier then getting to Cleveland or Chicago (although both of those are technically drive-able its just a much longer ride) I spent Thursday and Friday there with my wife and had a great time. I met Donovan McNabb and spent all of my money on cards. The prize being this one of course ..

I still consider this card the centerpiece of my collection. Very thrilled I was able to find it and not even from a dealer. One guy selling and trading cards to a dealer happened to have 3 of them and he was kind enough to sell me one.

I'm not sure if I have 1 big big card I want to go after at this time. I always wanted the Griffey/Mantle dual auto from 1994 Upper Deck but I think the price have grown a bit too high for my tastes.

I'm still working on various Phillies team sets from the 50s, 60s and 70s so I'm sure that will be a focus.

The reason for this post is that I just booked my hotel room in late July to go to the National again this year! I plan on attending Wednesday (hopefully I think you need VIP tickets?), Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Probably leave to go home sometime on Saturday.

After 2 days there last time I saw a lot but I'm sure I missed some stuff. Spent a good chunk of time asking if dealers had the NNOF card. Most dealers said they wish they had it and if they did they would keep it and got the occasional one that would tell me a story or when they had it in the 90s. I do like a good story so I didn't mind that at all.

Getting excited for Baseball, Fantasy Baseball and the National!

Thank for reading!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

2019 Topps Chrome blaster

I tend to pick up a blaster here or there to sample the cards and maybe pull a keeper or two. It's cheaper then hobby and then if I don't like the design then I don't have that many card. Did pretty well in this blaster.

An Alonso Refractor RC and the Base RC and an Acuna. Not too shabby!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

A gift and a trade!

I recently received a nice package from Too Many Verlanders. I am looking for something cool to send him back. I plan on hitting up a card show in the next few weeks so hopefully can find something there.

The Scott Rolen auto is a like a larger photo type of thing. Pretty cool. I always appreciate the Ryan Howards and I know a few of them are new to me. Anything numbered is appreciated. I always liked Upper Deck Masterpieces too. That set is just nice.

A while ago I did a small trade with Cards Your Mom Threw Out. I am failing at finding the link to his blog at the moment. Please post if someone has it and I will update this post.
He helped me out with my want list (which shockingly is still up to date but I've been super lazy about actually hunting those cards down). Always appreciate any Frank Thomas cards. I have a couple binders full of his base/insert card and they are super fun to flip through.

I only have 1 card left for the Phillies Sapphire Chrome Team set. Once I get it in, I'll be sure to share those. They are super shiny in person.

Spring Training has begun! Thank for reading!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

A new Ryan Howard! Also looking for Sapphire cards

I was able to snag another copy of the 2003 Bowman's Best Ryan Howard relic. I do like the look of these cards and grab them when I see a good price.

Super shiny, I like they way they scan.

Also, I am looking to complete the 2019 Topps Chrome Sapphire Phillies team set.

2019 Topps Chrome Sapphire:
45 Nick Pivetta
163 Aaron Nola
248 Justin Bour
303 Ranger Suarez
400 Bryce Harper
430 Roman Quinn
455 Zach Eflin
472 Scott Kingery
543 Nick Williams
619 Tommy Hunter

Willing to buy or trade whatever works. 

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


I really did like that movie Inception! I've seen it at least 5 times and I still haven't figured out when the dream sequence began and if Leo ever got out of it. The concept is cool though. This post is more about the cards. I had bought a lot of inception cards a while back to get a low numbered Rhys Hoskins auto but all these other cards came with it.

 Adam Cimber on-card auto

 Dakota Hudson, rookie patch auto. He had some good starts last year. I spot started him on my fantasy team a few times last year.

Justus Sheffield on-card auto, no idea if he's any good.

Kolby Allard on-card auto.

A pretty nice looking gold auto of Touki Toussaint. He had some run last year, some good moments and some bad. I think the Braves will give him a decent shot next year. 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

A couple of frames!

I will admit I like the framed look from Ginter. I'm not a huge fan of the minis cause I don't like storing odd sized cards (as my brother can attest I've given him boxes worth of minis). I have a few rare ones that I'll keep but overall I don't generally go after them myself.

I was able to snag this card at a show for a good price. He has such a nice signature. Hopefully him and Wheeler form a solid 1-2 punch this year.

Hard to see the numbering in the upper left, but it is 24 out of 25. A nice little bonus of scarcity. I believe this is my 10th Nola auto. (I just counted since I have a list on my own website of my Phillies hits how convenient). I picked up most of them when they were in the 10 dollar range before he had his really good season. I hope he pitches light out this year and win the Cy Young, that'd be awesome.

The other frame I have is an old Phillies pitcher now pitching for the enemy Braves.

From Topps 206 the Polar Bear relic frame. Aesthetically pleasing card. Relics are rather inexpensive these days so I'm sure it wasn't more then a couple dollars to pick up. I tend to buy these more in person because shipping costs more then the card if you buy online.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

1995 SP Championship Big Hurt

I like to pick up random 90s Frank Thomas cards that I don't have when I see them. I don't have too many high-end ones but the 90s were a hot bed of fun inserts and die-cuts and holograms and everything in between. I picked this card up at a show.

Solid card, nice action shot. 

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Rainbow of Sorts!

I was able to grab 2 Ryan Howard cards that I had been looking for since I decided to re-enter this crazy hobby of ours. It basically completed this Rookie Rainbow.

This is the Orange County Edition numbered out of 5. I have only ever seen 1 copy of it and I was lucky enough to win it in an open auction.

This one is numbered out of 57. I've seen a couple copies out there but I negotiated with the seller to purchase it.

These are the other cards to complete the Rainbow...

The gold out of 24 and the blue out of 42! It's nice to finally have them all. They look good together.

I also have these to look at..

Always on the lookout for more of them!

Thanks for reading! Side note -- my iphone told me today there was a snow squall while I was driving with that alert notification thing. I made it to work fine and then it snow squalled for about 15 minutes, very interesting weather.

Saturday, January 4, 2020


These are my most recent Rhys editions. I've built up a nice little PC of his. Have a stack of his cards on my table in the card room. I've tried to be semi selective on what I pickup since he was the IT guy and had a lot of different cards come up very quickly.

A transcendent rookie card. I would love to buy a box of this one day but unless I hit the lottery it's probably not going to happen. Or if i start a group breaking company and don't keep any of the cards for myself.

I grabbed this card at the last Philly show for 10 dollars. I thought that was pretty fair, The black parallel looks good. I know these cards are pretty popular in general so it was nice to see out in the wild and not pay shipping.

Can't wait til pitchers and catchers report, and Fantasy Baseball season (2 time defending champ!)

Thanks for reading!