Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I recently picked up this fun card for my wife. She is a avid squirrel card collector. If my count is correct she is now up to 3 different cards. Still searching for the ever elusive 2012 Topps Squirrel card for a reasonable price (there's a few ridiculous buy it nows). What I like about this 2015 version is that it's actually a Phillies card!

Look at the one lady ducking and the one exuberant young man taking a quick photo. Lots to see in this card. The guy in the red hat missed his chance at fame because something else besides the Squirrel caught his attention. I've always wanted to be in the background of a semi prominent base card (not too prominent I value my privacy and I would obviously be way too famous if it was a prominent card). Also, I would like to sit directly behind the dugout, those are some swank seats. I'm more of a Upper Deck baseball fan when I go to the stadium. I like 400 level behind home plate, can see the whole field with a good view of the beautiful Philly skyline.

Enjoy Squirrels, hope they don't eat all of your bird feeders!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A long foreshadowing post..

Since I'm such an astute writer. I did some foreshadowing in my previous post. I showed a pretty sweet Bat Knob that I had picked up a few years ago. Little did you know that I recently picked up another one! I have not 1, but 2 Bat Knobs in my Ryan Howard collection! I could, in theory, if I became a woodworker, build 2 brand new bats with these as the base of them.

It was surprisingly easy to install the scanner software on my new system. I should've done it a while ago my bad.

Without further delay here is my new Bat Knob!

Despite the no logo on the helmet it's a fetching card. I like the character of the knob itself. Clearly got some use from Howard and has his number written on the bottom. Now I have a horizontal version and a vertical version. I need the elusive diagonal version and the set will be complete.

Thanks for reading! Maybe one day the Phillies will be fun to watch again!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Going through the old scan folder..

Just perusing the old scan folder. I feel like some of these cards are underappreciated. I just picked up a nice Ryan Howard PC piece but I have not gotten my scanner up and running yet. I'm pretty busy this weekend (as I'm sure most people are since its the long weekend) but I want to get that done this week. I have a bunch of new things to scan and some old things.

Here is the card I was talking about..

A real sleek looking bat knob. I remember when these were first hitting the market and the prices were way out of my league. Thankfully they have come down to more manageable levels for non Hall of  Fame or vintagey players. I'm sure a Ty Cobb or whatever bat knob commands quite a premium.

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend, hope the weather stays nice as well!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Because I want too..

Mic Drop...

Still excited to own the centerpiece of any Big Hurt collection!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Some stuff

Not the most creative title. Just showing off some random stuff.

I bought this card for a dollar when I was about 10 or so. It was in one of those local mall shows that rarely happen anymore. Still have the card all these years later. I'm have this card, the Mantle and the Phillies team set. One day I'll complete the rest of 1955 Bowman. One of my favorite vintage sets.

Check out the power on this card. Bo Jackson, Ruben Sierra and Mark McGwire. As far as I know Bo never took steroids but he destroyed his hip playing football. I watched that 30 for 30 on him and they showed how his entire hip popped out and he just kind of kept running. Sierra who knows, but McGwire "Let's not talk about the past" all but admitted he took quite a bit of Andro to hit all those home runs. I enjoyed 1998 as much as the next guy but it's a shame the way its looked back on now even though it really brought back baseball after the 1994 strike.

A Phillies great 1969 Topps Richie Allen. He had quite a solid career. In 1996 he received 18% of the hall of fame vote.Good enough to get a mention in the Hall of Very good, just not quite good enough to get into Cooperstown. His most similar hitter is one of the Killer B's, Lance Berkman. According to baseball reference his highest yearly salary was 200K a year. Thats less then the league mininum now. Crazy!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

My Ryan Howard Top Ten

I was perusing the blogosphere and came across Collecting Cutch's latest contest.. show off your top ten cards of your favorite player. As regular readers of this blog and everyone I talk too in any situation (grocery store cashiers love me, trust me) I PC Ryan Howard and Frank Thomas. Huge fan of The Big Hurt from the 90s and Ryan Howard was my favorite Phillies player of the Championship era that just ended. Since this is a Phillies blog we will be showing my top ten for Mr. Howard. (He was invited to my wedding but not sure if he got the invitation)

Without further delay..


From Topps Marequee the Titanic Threads Auto. Always was a fan of this set even though most of the swatches (all?) are plain. I like the look of the cards. It took me a while to track down this low numbered one and ultimately purchase it on ebay.


I have almost every parallel from 2012 Topps Museum Collection. I have to take inventory again but I might just be missing a couple one of ones and that's it. This patch was very elusive. I remember it hitting right after release and the person wanted 500 or best offer. Way way out of my price range. I decided to just watch it for a while. It disappeared off ebay and then finally came back but with just a straight auction. I believe I picked it up in the 60 dollar range. I way way overbid to make sure no one could snipe me at the last second.


This my only Howard super auto. I traded a 2012 Topps Chrome Ichiro photo variation for it. Pulled the Ichiro in my case in 2012 and turned it into a Ryan Howard Super.. no complaints there!


Just love the look of these Triple Threads cards. The big patch windows and overall visual appeal of the card. Very well done and looks nice in the card room.


Ryan Howard's "Best" rookie auto. I believe at the peak of his hype after his MVP season this was well over a 1,000 dollar card. Thankfully I did not buy it back then. I got it a much more reasonable price. No Ryan Howard collection is complete without this rookie auto!


My first ever rainbow completion ended with this card. (I got the whole rainbow graded after the fact). This was my big foray into really collecting a player. It was real fun tracking all the cards down and getting them all.


I'm counting this as one card. It's my 2012 Triple Threads Ruby 'set'. All 3 1/1's for the saying's he had in this set. The patches are very colorful. '198 Homers in 4 Yrs' '.313 58 149 2nd Season' and of course his nickname 'The Big Piece'. Never thought I'd see all 3 let alone be in position to acquire all 3.


My one and only bat knob card in my collection from Topps Tier one. Very well done cards and always a conversation starter.


My one and only bat nameplate card. It's real cool his whole name is in the window and easily one of my favorite Museum Collection cards in general. This card is super thick.

Last but not least my personal #1--

Yes this is one of 4 superfractors I own of Howard, but this one was 2 straight years of searching until it surfaced. I had every other parallel fairly easily except this one. It popped up on ebay one day before I was set to leave on my honeymoon with my lovely wife. It was up for auction but I didn't have time for that so I messaged the guy on ebay and offered him a more then fair sum. We agreed on the amount but he wanted gift and to take the purchase off ebay. (all big red flags I know) I vetted his feed back (all looked solid) and just said screw it and went for it. I gifted him the money and just hoped he was an honest person. I asked him to hold the card while I was away. I emailed him after the honeymoon and then he mailed the card to me. No problems or hiccups!

I will say it was fun going through my Ryan Howard scans to pick out 10 cards. I had picked out about 20 then had to narrow it down.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Shiny reprint!

I was reading through some of my old posts the other night. I sure did use a lot of exclamation points! Also, I was rich and had a steady stream of cards coming in. The stream of cards has stopped to a point. I still happily buy/sell/trade like any collector but just not as frequently. I am purposely saving up to buy a case of Topps Chrome this year so I can continue my 'What's in a Case' series. I always had fun writing that up and going box by box and giving my little breakdown. I've even occasionally hit some really cool cards.

The shiny reprint title refers to this card...

Don't remember if it was me or my brother that pulled this in a pack. Regardless it is in my possession currently. These were tough inserts in the 90s. Currently someone has a set on ebay of all 36 reprints for 60 dollars starting bid (not my auction nor do I know the person). Also, I have no idea if that's a fair price or not. This was in the 90s when I never dreamed I would actually own any Mantle card let alone 19 of them.

So far I'm enjoying baseball season. Been watching a lot of and there's been a lot of good storylines. The super stars Harper and Trout are doing their thing and the unknowns like Eric Thames are being ridiculous. Always fun! Already have tickets to go to 2 games this year and planning on at least 2 more!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New Computer!

New computer arrived! Seems to be working. I am able to type and use the space bar without lagging the whole system. I have to get my scanner up and running on this one probably have to download some drivers. Will do that sometime this week. In the mean time here's some cards I received not too long ago.

These came in a PWE from Oscar over at All Trade Bait All the Time! He is on my list to hit back with hopefully in the next month or so. I need to put packages together and I owe too many people at once. I have some decent stuff to send (I think?) but if the packages aren't good let me know and I'll make them better. He is one of the handful of Dodger collectors out there. Really unpopular team..

By the way, is great. I have a smart tv and it's just one click of a button and you're watching any game (thats not blacked out). Really great idea.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Slow Computer

This computer I'm currently using has become almost unusable. It's gotten old and is basically falling apart on me. I did order a new computer so I'm just waiting for it to be shipped. I already backed up all my files on a jump drive. I hope to post more frequently when typing isn't a chore.

Hope everyone enjoyed the first week of the baseball season. Phillies are a solid 3-3. I can't complain taking 2 of 3 from the Nationals and one of them in a crazy 17 run outing. Also, that Angels come back was unbelievable. That's why Baseball is the best sport. There is no time limit, anything can happen.

Here's a few Ryan Howard's. I know he hasn't officially retired yet. There was a rumor that the Braves were interested but I kinda hope that doesn't happen. I can't cheer for the Braves. If he ends up an American League team later in the season it'd be much easier to still cheer for him and that team. No conflict of interest there with my Phillies fandom.

Can't wait for my new computer! Happy Baseball season! Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 3, 2017

A Purple Benny!

I did mention in a previous post that the wife and I made a Toys R Us run and cleaned them out of blisters. The biggest card we hit was easily this one:

And he smacked a 3-run homer today! The Opening Day purples are sharp this year. Probably planning on picking up a few more if I can.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Opening day!

Or opening 3 games and the rest of the games on Monday. Phillies start at 4 o clock in the afternoon. I'll be at work but hopefully catch a bunch of it on the radio on the way home. Also, Happy start of Fantasy baseball season. I was already against Melancon, Bumgarner and Tanaka in my head to head league. Works for me! (Obviously tons of games to go for week 1 but I'm content with them not winning or getting a save and giving up runs on day 1)

Also, Wife and I took a trip to Toys R Us today. We cleaned out the blister packs of Opening day and Series 1. The Purple parallels look really nice. I'll get em scanned soon. Did manage to hit the Andrew Benintendi and Yoan Moncada from Opening Day. The best from Series 1 was the Kris Bryant Purple. Always fun to chase those. 

It is weird that Ryan Howard is no longer on the Phillies. The true end of the Championship era. Not a single player left on the team.

About to watch this guy take on the Cardinals..

Pretty nice Archives rookie card of Javier Baez. It was given to me by a co-worker. He has an extremely niche collection (only Rookie gold cards of modern stars). He would love a Trout but I think they run in the 1000 range and he isn't willing to spend that.

Thanks for reading, Go Phillies!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017 Topps Series 1

I'm late to the party since a whole bunch of other sets just got released. My wife bought me 2 blasters so we could see the new cards. One blaster I thought was really good. One not so great. The manu patch card things that are one per blaster look nice this year.

Pulled a soon to be Yankee regular Aaron Judge (at least I think he'll get a legit shot) and now injured Sonny Gray. He looked really good 2 years ago and then it kinda fell apart last year. Hopefully he puts it back together.

The 1987 set is pretty cool. One blaster had the Bregman, Benintendi and Glasnow. The other one had the three veterans. All good players obviously but the rookies is where its at in cards these days. 

The 1989 Topps Orel Hershisher was a nice buyback. I actually like the 5 Tool inserts. They remind me of 1995 Fleer and I was a big fan of that set. My only complaint is its hard to tell if you pulled a color parallel. Hit a couple golds but I went right by them in the packs until I went back to look for photo variations. I hope Chrome this year looks cool cause I am planning on buying a case of it and reviving my what's ina case?! series. I missed doing that the last 2 years.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Blog Bat Around

I remember when these were posted more often but Mr Nachos Grande posted a topic that seemed fun. Check it out:

The topic being what is the hardest set that you personally completed or are working on. There's been some good responses regarding vintage sets which would be cool to complete now-a-days. My 'hardest' set is more of a modern flavor. I personally (with added help from the wife) completed a 2012 Topps Chrome Sepia Set. (on a side note Hobby Boxes are listed at 300 dollars a piece now! wow!) If you didn't know that year Sepia's are numbered out of 75. It's a 220 card set. It was difficult to track them all down and also kinda expensive. I pulled the Derek Jeter out of my case back in 2012 but not the Harper or Trout or some of the other big names.

Also, this topic gives me an excuse to post up my set!

Not the best photos. I should probably re-scan this set, but you guys get the idea. Not much 2012 Chrome gets busted at the insane price it is now. I might own the only set in the world!!! I've yet to see another one at least.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Minor League Frank!

I picked up this card a month or so ago. I just thought it was different and definitely one I did not have for the Big Hurt collection. The case is ridiculously huge though. Not sure why PSA decided to use such a huge case. It doesn't fit in my wall displays. I've yet to crack out anything from these cases cause I don't want to take a chance and ruin a card.

1988 Ballpark Cape Cod Frank Thomas! Also, Jeff Bagwell was on this team. Pretty stacked! On a side note I just passed the 800 mark on unique Frank Thomas cards! Pretty cool. Always looking for random stuff and appreciate all the cool cards people have sent me (all of my Frank's are in binders except the autos and relics and graded)

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Who wants 1990 Topps?!

Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? My wife decided she wanted the thrill of pulling a Frank Thomas No Name on Front. She purchased all 4 1990 Topps boxes from one dealer. (9 bucks a piece not a bad price). That's 36 packs in a box times 15 cards.. that's a lot of cards in 4 boxes. Unfortunately, no NNOF's to be found, but we did hit these...

Three Frank Thomas's, Five Ken Griffey Jr's, Three Sammy Sosa's and a Partridge in a pair-tree. All kidding aside, 3 Thomas's out of 4 boxes not bad! We now have 6 Regular ones, 1 NNOF and 1 Autographed (JSA Authenticated) from 1990 Topps.

If anyone is trying to complete a set or just wants a pile of them for some reason, let me know shoot me an address they can be had for the price of saying something! Also, if you're in the northeast stay warm! Spring was in February, so Winter is now in March, that's how it works.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Card show fun!

This past weekend my wife and I went to the Philly Show in King of Prussia. We went on Saturday because I wasn't able to get an autograph ticket for Carson Wentz (sold out real fast). The crowd seemed to be pretty strong and some new vendors. Lots of super expensive vintage and a decent amount of modern and a couple wax dealers with a nice selection. Saw one real cool piece (forgot to snap a pic) a Abraham Lincoln cut auto. The guy was advertising it for a future auction. (estimated between 5-10K for that piece).

The big card I was able to snag was this one..

1963 Topps Willie Stargell rookie. I really bought it for the John Hernstein, but regardless its a nice high number from that year. Obviously not in mint condition but very presentable card which is what I strive for in my vintage collection.

Also grabbed some 1966's for my Phillies team sets.

Inching closer to completion. After getting this done I have to go back and catalog what I'm missing of the multi team cards. I have a few but I'm sure I'm not complete. The ridiculously expensive Grant Jackson card comes to mind.

Have some more cool stuff to show in the next post.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy March!

We are already 2 months into the year! Time has flown by this year. The hot topic in this neck of the woods is how mad everyone is at the 76ers for lying to the fans and being general jerks in the process. Will Embiid ever be healthy and will Simmons turn into a superstar? Or will the 76ers be drafting top 5 for the next 15 years.. which seems more likely? There is almost no buzz around the Phillies.. tickets might be pretty cheap this year. I went to the home opener last year, not sure if I can make it this year though (it's 3 o clock on a Friday). My main PC Ryan Howard hasn't hooked on with a team yet. He may have to wait it out a bit and see if someone needs a DH slugger in the American League. I hope he gets to continue playing if he wants too. Probably not much fun being forced out of your chosen profession.

This relic is from 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen. This design is really sleek, just a plain piece of jersey but the rest of the card really pops.

I've made a list of people I owe cards too. I have about 12 packages to put together. Hoping to send some decent stuff since everyones been so generous. Also, have a large pile of cards next to me that I need to scan! Hope all is well with everyone.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Baseball is coming back!

I listen to Sports Talk Radio on my ride to and from work everyday. They are starting to interview baseball people down in Clearwater. It's nice to hear about young pitchers. Phillies have Nola, Eickhoff, Eflin and Valesquez. If some of those guys hit their ceilings they could actually have a pretty good rotation. No comment on the lineup, but that's a work in progress. Need some discipline and power and who knows maybe get some more wins then expected this year.

Opened my first batch of 2017 Topps Series 1 yesterday. My lovely wife gave them to me a Valentine's day present. They were a fun rip. Nothing earth shattering but a few cool inserts and the design is neat.

I caught myself wondering the other day if Alex Rodriguez has any true friends. He basically lied to everyone with the whole steriod scandal. Does anyone like him as a person anymore or are they just in it for his large amount of money?

Here is a card of him form 1995 Fleer back when he probably had real friends (please note this is all speculation and I do not read TMZ so I really don't know) 

Wonder how the Hall of Fame voters are going to treat him in 5 years. Does he even get 5% of the vote? 

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I'm Slacking!

I haven't posted in too long. I appreciate the cards people have sent me. I am making a list of people I need to hit back. I don't have any of the new cards but plenty of other things to send! (I mean other cards not random household items like staplers) Not sure if you heard but the Patriots won the Super Bowl. They're decent, but I'm still an Eagles fan through and through. Spring Training starts up some time soon. I haven't seen any of the 2017 cards in person yet. Enjoying the breaks online though seems like most people are generally happy with the set.  The NFL also did their Hall of Fame voting. I'm surprised Terrell Davis got in since his career was so short. He was undoubtedly great before he tore his knee up but that was it. I guess that's the comparison to Gale Sayers but I didn't think he'd make it honestly. Terrell Owens and Brian Dawkins should get in sometime soon. As much as TO wasn't liked personally his football playing was more then Hall of Fame worthy. I've met both Owens and Dawkins at autograph signings. Owens was a bit of a diva but has a nice sig and Dawkins was beyond nice to every single person really makes you feel welcome.

 Speaking of In person autos here's a couple of former Phillies great Garry Maddox. Pretty cool. Big fan of 1985 Topps in general so it's neat to have this card signed.

Thanks for reading! Need to scan and post more!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fleer Mystique

Way back in year 2000 (wow that was a long time ago now!) I opened a box of Fleer Mystique. I remember enjoying it so if I ever see one again for a reasonable price I would buy it. Only football boxes currently on ebay because of Brady. That QB guy or something.

Check out some of the fun inserts.

Shiny Cal Ripken Jr High Praise!

2 Supernaturals Mark McGwire and Nomar Garciaparra. I met Nomar at all star baseball weekend in Pheonix a few years ago. He was nice. He signed my baseball. "To Brad Go Team USA! Nomar Garciappara". Solid penmanship as well. It's a shame his wrist injuries really hurt his career. He was one of the best when he was in his prime. Everyone knows about McGwire, Took Andro hit a lot of home runs, probably won't make the Hall of Fame. Although his numbers besides Home Runs are very borderline in my opinion.

Thanks for reading!