Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trade with Nomo! First of 2015!

Happy new year! Officially completed my first trade of 2015 (actually completed 2 but that will be the next post). I completed said trade with Nomo's Sushi Platter. I know he kinda stopped blogging but hes still reading and collecting Dodger cards. Also, fun fact, we grew up in the same town just didn't know it!

As usual, he sent some cool stuff!

A relic from each sport! All no longer with the team. I sense a theme. DeSean Jackson, Samuel Dalembert and Raul Ibanez! I liked Raul a lot when he was with the Phillies. Jackson had a decent season with the Redskins but he can't cover a receiver so I don't personally think the Eagles season changes a whole lot if he is there. 

A really nice condition Dick Allen card, next to a Scott Rolen Topps Gold Label. I like the look of the Gold Label cards, that's a box I would consider opening. 

Here is a fantastic card of the Phillie Fanatic. This was back in 2008 was Bud Selig postponed game 5 of the World Series due to a driving rain storm. I remember the game well. Only Philadelphia Championship in my lifetime. When the game was postponed it was actually tied. To get back into the game you needed to have your ticket for that game handy. That day the tickets were more expensive because of the potential for the Phillies to clinch! Thankfully, they did clinch!

Fanatic is looking regal in that rain suit.

Thanks for reading!

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