Sunday, February 1, 2015

What Ebay Bucks has brought!

At the beginning of the year I had 17 dollars in Ebay Bucks. I took advantage of one of the buy anything and get 4x ebay bucks around the holidays! I was looking for a nice case for a bat so it was a perfect time to buy. I will definitely show off what that looks like in a later post. Looks real nice wall mounted.

I was able to get 3 cards for 'free' due to ebay bucks! Love free stuff!

Check em out!

Inching closer to completing this insert set! There's 8 total, and I now have 5! One day we will have a full set and a fake CD card. It's nice that these inserts are all numbered out of 5000. Not a particularly low number for todays standards but gives a finite number of them out there.

This is a Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor numbered out of 25! The title was listed pretty poorly so I was able to snag it super cheap. Always nice to pick up such a low numbered refractor! I'm a sucker for shiny low numbered cards.

This is my first card of Panini Immaculate. I haven't been able to get my hands on any of the Howard relics yet. It's the blue version numbered out of 10. I figured for free.. hard to beat! It's pretty nice despite the lack of logos but I couldn't see myself dropping the 100s for a box. Too much for me (unless I hit the lottery or something then cases here we come!)

I'm finally catching up with my blogging and scanning and cataloging etc. I owe a bunch of people cards, don't worry I did not forget but it still may be a little bit til I have the proper cards to send. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for reading!

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