Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chrome is almost officially out!

Most every year Topps Chrome is my personal favorite release of the year. Every year since 2011 I have cracked one case (and blogged about the contents). Cracking the case in 2011 is what got me back into the hobby. I went a little crazy buying in the beginning but I've narrowed my focus and still quite enjoy the whole thing. I don't have a case locked in currently on pre sale so I am hoping the price drops a bit off the bat and I can get a better deal. It might be a few months but we shall see!

I've gotten a few good pulls from the cases through the years. Pulled my first printing plate in 2011 (Adam Dunn Heritage chrome insert), Bryce Harper black rookie auto, Yasiel Puig red auto (traded for a MJ Rookie card!) and a few other notable cards.

Hope everyone enjoys the Chrome box breaking. I'll be watching to see what comes out and hopefully be joining soon!

Really like the patch auto's from last year!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I heard the presells are really high this year.

  2. Even I'm excited to see this year's flagship design in chrome, and I'm not a big Chrome guy (unless it's a chrome Griffey).