Monday, November 9, 2015

Some more Chrome!

Hope everyone enjoyed my Gint A Cuffs winner's box. The Baez was pretty cool to hit. It's definitely my current largest autographed card. I know there was a comment asking for the JP Morgan Mini and for the McCutchen Printing plate. I'm sorry I have not responded specifically been behind on all things blog related. They are both set aside so we can trade or blind trade or whatever.

On another note I was able to get my 2nd Printing plate of this year's Chrome!

 Magenta! Looks pretty good!

Also Pink...

I've been haphazardly going after this rainbow as well. The lowest parallel besides the Printing Plates I've been able to acquire is the Orange out of 25. Still missing quite a few others though including the tough Red (out of 5) and of course the Superfractor. Which is always satisfying if it ever shows up. The hot stove is heating up. I think the Phillies will let Howard play out his contract but probably as a part time player. No one will take the contract and the Phillies are in re building mode and really have no young first base talent at the moment. I wonder if Howard has one more Topps Chrome in him.

Unrelated note, what a game last night! How about them Eagles! Jordan Mathews looked like a guy who can catch and catch well. Everything near him he was able to snag. Hopefully that bye week got his head on straight and its a sign of things to come!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Mathews is a beast. Saw he was playing hurt before the bye. Nice pickup on the printing plate