Monday, October 31, 2016

A Unique card

Everyone knows relic cards have become extremely common these days. I remember when they first came out as a kid and there was only 3 cards in the subset. I would eventually like to acquire all 3 (Rey Ordonez, Tony Gwynn and Ken Griffey Jr) but it hasn't been high on my collecting priority list yet. I'm typing this all by memory so please correct me if my checklist or facts are off. The odds were high to hit such a cool card (an actual piece of jersey!) Now-a-days we just kinda hope its real and not some knock off jersey in the card. I tend to believe that at least a player worn it, not necessarily the one on the card though. Topps has tried to add some transparency with Strata since there are authentication stickers on the cards and you can look them up. Seems like a good idea. A bit of a rant there but hey it's a blog!

This is the point of this post.. a card with turf on it! It says on the back of the card the turf is actually from Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

Found it one of those random relic bins at a card show.

I was always a fan of McNabb being an Eagles fan. He got an unfair shake in the beginning since everyone in the city wanted Ricky Williams #2 overall and not McNabb (Edgerrin James was actually the first RB taken in that draft). He had a borderline hall of fame career and was super nice to everyone when we got his autograph in August. Definitely a cool card!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That is a cool relic card. I like to pick up things like this even if I don't normally collect that team/sport, just because the relic swatch is something out of the ordinary.

  2. "And now for something completely different..." Cool!