Sunday, December 30, 2018

Triple the Fun!

Happy almost New Year! Time flies when you're collecting baseball cards. Also, happy last day of Football regular season. Lots on the line for the Eagles this week. All week on the radio there has been Foles vs Wentz debate. I stopped listening at some points cause there is a zero percent chance the Eagles get rid of Wentz. Does not matter if Foles wins another super bowl (although that would be amazing I'm totally on board with this happening). I didn't spend as much as I used to this year on cards but I maintained focus and grew out the PC a good bit. I was able to complete a few older team sets (damn those high numbers are difficult) and get some cool cards that I deem keepers.

Like this one...

A gold auto of my main guy Ryan Howard and 2 undoubted future Hall of Famers Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera. This is my 2nd Pujols auto and first Miggy Auto. Cards this low numbered and more then a few years old don't pop up for affordable prices too often. Grabbed this one for exactly 100 dollars. I was and am happy with that price considering the star power and rarity. I know these are sticker autos but they didn't make non sticker autos for Triple Threads in those years (or any year for the Triple autos, seen a couple on-card regular autos though through the years).

Thanks for reading enjoy the time off if you have any!

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