Wednesday, June 26, 2019

2017 Topps Chrome Break

I not so recently picked up a few retail blaster/boxes of Topps Chrome. I am disappointed case prices have driven me away. One day I'll make enough money to set aside to open a case. I rarely ever sell too much so I'm not in it for the money. I just find it to be an immense amount of fun to open that much baseball cards at one time.

Here are some of the cards from the break.

These were the nicer X-Fractor cards from the mega box thing. (not sure what they call it) The Betts is a nice picture. I do like the xfractor design look. Only thing that beats it in Chrome is atomic refractors. How about Stanton getting hurt again, he's been really snake bitten this year. 

This was my 'big' hit! Never upset to hit an auto. Don't think he is doing to much.. (checks..) currently in Triple A and his Era is up over 7. He needs to get it going to get back to the majors. Who knows it can happen!

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  1. X-fractors always look good. And an auto is always a bonus, even if it is a guy who has been roughed up in AAA.