Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Big Hurt!

As you guys and gals know I am a big Frank Thomas fan! I am very happy to hear that he has been inducted to the Hall of Fame on the first shot! He as well as Griffey were the two bell cow hitters of the 90s and deserve to be enshrined!

In honor of Big Hurt's induction I will show my latest pickup! I didn't pay much for it but it was one of those must have cards!

1994 Score The Cycle!

Always wanted to pull one out of a pack but never got that lucky. Happy to get one all these years later.

And since in my book The Big Hurt is a Five star.. I leave you with this.

Oh yea he also has a refractory finish in the sunlight (and no he is not a vampire)

And he has some Hot Numbers...

And lastly but not least he is NNNNN Tense!

Congrats Frank!

Thanks for reading!

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