Sunday, March 15, 2015

I've been Zippy Zapped!

I recently completed my first trade with Zippy Zappy. He is collecting the retail parallels and I sent him a whole bunch of the Toys R Us purples. (I hope he has already got them since I sent last week) He sent me some cool stuff that I'm not able to get on my own. Japanese cards!

These are the fronts. 100 Yen is not that much money so thankfully it didn't cost a fortune!

Check out the backs. All the fine print is in Japanese! Very cool pieces to add to the collection.

This Bowman Chrome J-Roll was just a throw in.. numbered out of 25! Awesome card to just suddenly get. I have a few nice J-Roll cards but not nearly enough!

Thanks for the cards, can't wait for the next trade!


  1. Glad you liked the cards :).

    I did get your package a few days ago and I've begun working on a return package. You were far too kind on your end of the trade ;).

  2. Great stuff from Zippy! By the way I got your envelope in the mail the other day. I've been accumulating a few Phillies, but need a few more before I hit you with a return shot.