Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ryan Howard ROY!

Look Ryan Howard won Rookie of the year! Says so on this card..

A nice piece when Upper Deck could show logos (or did show logos and just didn't pay MLB) either way Exquisite is a nice set. I wonder how much this card would've gone for in 2005-6.

His rookie season was quite good..

In only 88 games he hit 22 HR's and had 63 RBI's. Surprised he won the award not playing more but of course it was well deserved!

Here's another rookie I picked up!

A nice numbered rookie that was a whole 99 cents! I'm pretty sure the slabbing fee alone is more then that so I'll take that deal any day.

Still busy with work and all but slowly catching up!

Thanks for reading!


  1. It is always funny to see random cards that are graded. That one was probably done at Howard's peak to try and cash in on his success. For some reason I was thinking Pristine cards were encased. Maybe just some of them....I'm too lazy to research.

    1. Not sure if they're all encased, but I know PSA cracks encased cards out of the case when they grade them.. and put them in their own case. Kinda dumb. But then again, I guess it'd be weird to put a case in a case.