Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ongoing trade with Mr Bob Walk the Plank!

I recently received a sweet package from Bob Walk the Plank! One of the more active traders out there. I hope to be more active next year just have had too much going on to focus my energies toward striking up some deals. I don't have much new cards either and haven't really highlighted any trade bait so there's that. Always nice to get 4 new cards that go directly into the PC! That is a successful trade package.

One great defensive third baseman Scott Rolen! I like the picture in picture on the card, very regal. The Gypsy Queen auto's are nice being on-card and Kruk has a fairly decent signature. Always a fan favorite because of 1993. 

Excuse my terrible cropping job there but regardless the Tommy Joseph is a nice looking inception auto relic card. I know Joseph has had some concussion issues but he's still in the Phillies minor league system. Maybe he gets a shot next year with the team being very in flux at most o the positions. The Mike Schmidt is a large wooden bat relic. I had never seen this card before and anytime I can add a Schmidt hit I am happy. I have a few autos but not that many relics oddly enough.

Thanks for the trade Matt, I'll hopefully be able to get some nice Pirates for you!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I think that cleaned out my Phillies trade bait. Need to find some newer stuff. Glad you liked them.

  2. Love those GQ autos, very nice. Great game the other night buddy