Monday, March 7, 2016

Cards from Off Hiatus Baseball!

Tony has been super at trading (see what I did there hashtag supertraders) and is way ahead of me at sending packages. I am finally getting more organized (although don't look at the card room there are piles everywhere!) (which is great cause it means I have a lot of cards!) (Baseball cards rule!)

Anyways.. got sidetracked.. Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball is kind enough to shoot me Phillies cards! Always interesting, never dull and usually some good stuff!

I actually really like the look of the Panini College cards. The logos are nice and bold and they pop out pretty nice. I really hope JP Crawford is the real deal. If he and Franco can be the new core of the team that would be awesome.

Some nice stuff in this batch as well. A mini refractor of aforementioned Franco. He's looking solid at spring training, hopefully just plays confident this year and keeps them competitive. No one is expecting a World Series this year.

Thanks for the cards and Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm glad you got the cards and liked them!

    #SuperTraders! ;-)

  2. It was cool to see them use the popular football Contenders line on baseball.

    Tony was very generous with that break.