Monday, February 19, 2018

2017 Sapphire Team set

I not so recently picked up this Phillies team set off of ebay. I believe I paid 1 dollar a card including shipping. Considering the cost of the full set is roughly 1,500 dollars if I remember correctly. You are guaranteed 2 random superfractors and some other parallels. I don't know if people piecing out the sets ended up making money though. They are pretty cards though. I now have both the 2016 and 2017 Phillies team sets.

 I don't love the way Topps did color refractors last year, but the atomic look is always nice. I hope this year they do away with the swooping colors through the players. When opening packs I often overlooked the parallels cause I didn't think it was obvious. I do plan on cracking a case this year (gotta get in early with the pre sales since last year I waited too long) so I want Chrome to look good!

Thanks for reading and I highly recommend shopping around for your team set. Always deals to be had!


  1. Such pretty cards, congrats on getting them for such a good price!

  2. I get a set of these every year. Sapphires are gorgeous. I may pick up Astros too this time. Those Phils look great on such a rich blue background. Very patriotic.