Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Gaggle of Shortprints!

Nothing like a good word to start off the post. And Yes I do mean Gaggle! I recently decided I wanted some part of 2015 Topps Chrome. I figured the only cards worth paying for since boxes are outrageously priced because of Bryant are the Bryant Rookie and the 5 Short prints. There was no stated print run of course but based on my inexact science and research they fell 1 or 2 per case. I didn't feel like dealing with multiple sellers so I found someone with all of them for sale and just made an offer. Thankfully, no negotiation they took it! So based on that I probably overpaid a little haha! Oh well I got what I wanted. You know the ABC's of life..Always Be Collecting!

Check em out!

Obviously has started a bit slow in his career, but he has all the tools. I watched a good bit of Twins last year (mainly all of Ervin Santana's starts) and he really started to come in in the 2nd half. 

Can't say enough about this guy. Superstar in the making. 

Also, this guy if Correa is 1 he has to be 2 for budding young shortstops.

Gallo never saw a pitch he didn't like to swing at! But when he hits it it sure does go a long way. If he can learn to walk some I think he can be a solid regular in the Adam Dunn type mold. 

All the talent in the world when he's healthy. Had a nasty injury last year. Hopefully comes back strong, even though I'm a Phillies fan I never root for injuries.

Topps did a nice job picking the short print players. Not a true dud in there at the moment. All players in the majors and could all have good careers or even better!

Thanks for reading!

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