Sunday, August 11, 2019

2017 Gypsy Queen Blaster Break

I rarely say no to a discounted blaster. It's always nice to get cards cheaper that may have been sitting on the shelf a while or hiding in the back and never put out. Regardless of the reason happy to help open them for less then full price. (still waiting for the dream when all of 2011 Topps Update shows up one day!)

For one blaster I did pretty well. A On-card auto of Robert Gsellman. A numbered card of Maikel Franco (out of 250). Even though I feel he will no longer be on the Phillies at the end of the year or relegated to the bench he is still a Phillies card so therefore PC. A Judge, Josh Bell and Moncada rookie cards. The missing black plate Chris Archer. Solid amount of good cards in one box.

Thanks for reading!

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