Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trade with Arpsmith!

I just completed a trade with Arpsmith (everyone's favorite Giants Blogger) I sent him (on the way) a whole bunch of Topps Chrome and whatever I could find of Allen and Ginter and some Giants refractors and he sent me some Phillies goodness.

On with the show!

In this picture we have a Scott Rolen relic, a Ryan Howard relic, a Michael Bourn auto (I really think the Phillies are going to sign him this winter) and the Schmidt manufactured relic(I had the patch one so this completes the manu relic set!).

The gem on this package was the next card ...

My first ever Steve Carlton relic and its a really sharp blue patch

This is my nicest Lefty card and I hope to add many more in the future. 

Thanks for the trade!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you got them. That Carlton was actually kind of tough for me to part with, I love the color on the jersey swatch and I actually pulled it from a pack. I knew it was going to a good home where it was appreciated so I ultimately felt okay pulling the trigger.

    Thanks for the trade, looking forward to taking a huge chunk out of my Chrome want list.