Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Long overdue props

I am officially back currently sans carpet. My stay in the hotel across the street from work was thankfully uneventful. My area was not hit as hard as our neighbors to the north.

I just wanted to give some props to Wes over at Jay Barker Fan's Junk he has hosted a few great card drafts for very low price points and he constantly has giveaways and other fun things on his blog. (One day I will have a contest just dont know for what yet) I participated in I believe it was draft number 3 (he has since had another one that I unfortunately was not able to participate). I got some cool cards as usual. I highlighted three of them below:

I really like the 1980 Phillies beat royals in 6 card. Anytime the Phillies win a playoff series it is cause for celebration. The other 2 cards are pretty nice bat relics. I wasn't collecting in 2008 and the A&G relics are pretty nice. The Bazooka blasts card is my first relic of Rafael Furcal. 

Just wanted to thank Wes for his outstanding contributions to the blogging community!

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