Monday, October 1, 2012

The Joy of a Mini-set Completed!

I am a Phillies collector as all of you know. I recently acquired the last auto (not including the schmidt numbered out of 25) from the Topps archives set. They look quite nice all in the same page together. I became a big fan because of the 1993 Phillies so to get Kruk, Daulton and the Wild Thing together makes me happy.

I received the cards all different ways too. The Luzinski and Williams I received in Community Gum's case break. The Kruk was acquired in a trade with Cardboard Conundrum. The Hayes and McBride were pulled in a box I bought at a card show in June. The only one I purchased specifically was the Boone for 11 dollars on ebay. If anyone has the Schmidt i'd be willing to trade/buy it (I know its a long shot). 

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