Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trade Post (also well overdue)

I not so recently completed a trade with Adam over at Thoughts and sox. He is a Bill Virdon supercollector and a nice auto hit ebay. I purchased it and had it sent directly to him. The centerpiece of what he sent back was the Eddie Murray RC. (My first and only one!). Although I am not a huge orioles fans who doesn't like Eddie Murray. (people who dont actually like him, please do not respond) He sent a few relics of some red sox over and a whole bunch of nice phillies cards I didnt have. The vintage and the masterpieces are much appreciated.

These are some nice additions to my collection. 

As a side note I still need to sort and catalog a whole bunch of piles. My want lists and trade lists are woefully out of date. Once that happens I will update more diligently. (If only i get paid to write a blog then work wouldnt take up so much of my time)

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  1. Thanks again for helping me out. I'm glad you liked the stuff I sent you.