Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trade with Potch!

I am liking the success of these trade bait posts. After that one post I have successfully agreed to FIVE trades! Thanks to all you traders out there that keep this hobby fun!

One of these awesome trades was with Potch! He is a Reds collector so thankfully I had some decent Reds to send him. He did not disappoint with a return package. I had to split up the scanning into categories.

The first part consists of a few famous Phils. I always enjoy a 1985 Schmidt (my birth year!). I have yet to decide if I'm going to hand collate the set. I have a stack of 1985 cards currently unordered (probably 500 short from the set) I know I have the Puckett but I don't have the Clemens or McGwire. The Utley in the middle is a nice numbered refractor from 2011 Chrome. I really like the Chrome sets every year, fun to open and collect! 

Holy 1984! This wasn't even all of the 84s that were in the package. This definitely made a massive dent in that list! Some sweet cards of Lefty in that bunch! 

My Big Hurt collection continues to grow! These were just the 9 of the 17 or so that I decided to scan. Always appreciate the nice shiny base cards from the 90s. Can't get enough of them!

Here is the hit portion of the trade! Also a card from 1968! I believe my 3rd card I own from that year (the other 2 are monsters though Nolan Ryan RC and Mickey Mantle). The Austin Hyatt is a shiny purple refractor. Another Big Hurt and a couple of White Sox hits. The Autos are of classic players Bud Harrelson and Jim Longborg! All new cards to add to the PC!

Thanks for the trade!

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