Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Philly Show Pickups Part 2!

Hope everyone enjoyed part 1!

Onto some more interesting things!

A sweet Fergie Jenkins rookie card. A must add to my Phillies collection.  I don't mind that it was already graded the guy had a 20% off sale on his graded stuff so that was nice. I now have an auto and rookie card, just need a relic for a trifecta! 

I was able to pick up these 3 cards from the same seller. He had a pick 3 for 25 dollars from his case. I'd been in search of an Ozzie rookie and they usually go in the 20 range by itself, so I was more then happy to grab the Gary Carter and Jim Rice rookie cards! I won't say no to hall of famers! I love the 70s side burns as well, that style needs to come back. I would partake.

We were able to hit some of the want list. Knocked off a total of 21 cards from 1965 and 1967 Topps for a grand total of 30 bucks. I was quite pleased with the price and the dealer was super organized (number order by year!) 

We will have one more post on the show tomorrow. The biggest piece I picked up has not been shown yet and some other goodness. Lets just say 90s wax was involved! 

Thanks for reading!

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