Monday, September 1, 2014

What's in a Case.. The Exciting Conclusion!

I'll just go ahead and say it.. in the 2nd to last pack of the break, hit the rarest card of the break! It was fun and exciting!

I was real happy to see the Ryan Howard refractor in the last pack. I am chasing the rainbow so thats one less card I will need to trade for or buy! The Sepia refractor is of JJ Hardy and the blue is of Kyle Seager. A solid batch of inserts to finish off the break!

The rarest hit of the break, Red refractor auto Stefen Romero! One in 2,460 packs or one every 8.5 cases! This stuff is hard to find this year! And a Nick Castellanos base auto. He's a pretty solid everyday player for the Tigers this year.

Summary to follow tomorrow!

Thanks for following along. I'll give my direct email for trades in the summary so I can be organized and not promise things to 2 people.


  1. Thanks for posting these. I had a good time following along!

  2. It's nice to see what a whole case of Chrome looks like. I'd be interested in seeing what all of this Chrome Connections look like put together.