Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cards from Jon (A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts!)

I not so recently received cards from Jon Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts! (Officially added to my blog list, admittedly I am bad about that so if you want to be linked just let me know and I will add you!) His blog name is a whole lot more creative then mine, I have to give him props for that.

I've been watching these football games this weekend. I only care because of fantasy football though. My official playoff draft is Thursday the 14th and I have first pick in every round for finishing with the best record. It's always tough but I hope to go far this year. Who would you pick number 1 overall? (Basically standard scoring, no ppr).

Jon sent me some cool cards...

Three new Frank Thomas cards. Up to 714 unique cards! Mostly low end, but a couple mid-high end sprinkled in there. Don't have the budget to chase all his crazy high end stuff. (That being said if you have the Frank Thomas NNOF I will dip into savings to buy it) 

This card is interesting. Scott Rolen when Phillies fans liked him. Before he turned down 140 million and then basically demanded to be traded. He ended up getting 90 million from the Reds I believe. He was one of the best at third base though. A true glovesman. (made that word up)

Thanks for the cards Jon and Thanks for reading!


  1. I didn't care too much for Rolen either; but as a Cubs fan, that was mostly because he beat the tar out of us with the Cardinals. Nice stuff!