Thursday, January 21, 2016

Some interesting cards!

The first big snow storm should be arriving this weekend. It's calling for 8-12 inches this weekend. Will be fun shoveling the driveway. We don't have sidewalks, so no need to clear something that doesn't exist.

For those that care.. I won the first round of the playoffs!

I decided to take Julian Edelman as my supplemental pick.

This round the matchup is:

My team:

Carson Palmer
Ronnie Hillman
Steven Jackson
Julian Edelman
Michael Floyd
Greg Olsen
Graham Gano
PATS Def (might start Broncos D not sure)


Tom Brady
Jon Stewart
Rob Gronkowski
Scott Chandler
Demarryius Thomas
Brandon McManus
Cardinals D

I have one more player since the Seahawks lost and that team drafted 5 Seahawks last week. Hope to win, would be sweet to make the finals!

 As some of you know my wife likes to go to card shows with me when we get the chance. She does a good job finding cool things and helps ground me when it comes to prices. Also, she's supportive when I negotiate for 2 hours for a Michael Jordan rookie (really did happen, awesome card!).

The Spock card was picked up right after Mr Nimoy passed away. He's one of the iconic actors of a generation. The other cards were just cute and/or funny.

Hope all is well in the blogosphere!

Thanks for reading!