Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Variation!

Topps seems to be variation crazy these days. I think in the junk wax error there were variations but it was mainly due to printing errors and then they corrected them and then people wanted the originals. These are purposeful variations. I don't personally go after all of them cause there's too many for myself to keep track of, but if I can trade or get a card super cheap sure why not!?

This is a Gypsy Queen picture variation!

Look Ryan Howard used to run!

Or maybe he's trotting in this picture. He did hit quite a few home runs in his career. This might be the last year of his career. He is making big money this year and next year has a 10 million buyout which the Phillies will most likely option to do. Lots of young talent coming up through the minors. I want to see him continue but part of me wants him to retire and have his entire career as a Phillies player. He won't be a Hall of Famer but he will definitely make the Phillies Hall of Fame, I'll have to get tickets to that game to see the ceremony!

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