Monday, May 30, 2016


I no longer have to travel at 5 AM Monday morning for the week and do a ton of things on the weekend and not play with my baseball cards and post. I know I have been MIA from trading. I have a bunch to trade and post if people are interested. I don't really have any new cards though, haven't purchased much. Been focusing on "older" cards. Also, I recently acquired many complete sets from the 80s and 90s (thanks Dan they are mine now!) (Dan is my brother he left them on the east coast so I get to keep them) (He's probably reading this at some point and I'm sure I will get a phone call)

I've been thinking about the National, the number 1 target is still Frank Thomas NNOF but if that is no where to be found, the #2 big card would be the 1994 Upper Deck Mickey Mantle / Ken Griffey Jr auto. I don't care if it's graded but I'd want it at least authenticated.

GSW vs OKC tonight. Currently watching the pre-game. Kinda want GSW to win but I have no real dog in the fight.

Phillies have come back down to earth but I'll take a winning record at this point in the season. I've gone to 2 games this year (Opening day and my birthday May 14th) (Both hat give away games!)

The Penguins made the Stanley Cup Finals against the Sharks. I haven't watched as much playoff hockey since the Flyers were eliminated. I have to root for the Sharks being a Flyers fan but I do have one cool Penguin card..

Super Mario auto!

The classic pro set in a nice blue sharpie! As far as I know its real but I have no COA. I don't plan on selling it though.

Kind of all over the place on this post but had a lot of randomness to say. Hope to be back to regular posting ASAP!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Glad to see your back. Reminds me i have some stuff to send you

  2. I need to get a Lemieux auto card for my collection. That is a cool card my friend.