Saturday, June 4, 2016

Made a big trade!

Not with cards mind you, but in Fantasy baseball! Pre-season I traded my 3rd (Chris Davis) , 4th (Kyle Schwarber) and 5th (Corey Seager) round picks for Kershaw, his 10th (Ian Desmond) and 12th round picks (Joc Pederson). Kershaw was obviously the key. He's been flat out amazing.

So I traded him.. I traded Kershaw and Jose Fernandez for Kenta Maeda and Mike Trout! This is a keeper league so I will have Trout on my team for the next 3 years! Super psyched to have in my opinion the best player in baseball anchoring my team. I will have to re-build my pitching staff a bit but now I can carry George Springer and Trout into next year to start off my hitters. I'm feeling good about it!

I see Topps Archives and Finest have come out recently. I've yet to get any but maybe sometime in the future. I feel Archives is a bit overpriced and has too many parallels. I like parallels that are shiny not just parallels for the sake of it (that may have been a contradictory statement). I do plan on picking up the 1985 Aaron Nola auto. I love that design and I think the auto looks real good.

I was able to find the Topps Metal card out of 16 earlier this year on ebay. They are nice cards, very thick and sturdy. Similiar to the metal framed autos from Topps Museum (only have one of those). It's a shame Howard's career is winding down so poorly. Sports talk wants him released but the Phillies haven't said much of anything. I'm sure he'll just get less playing time. The Phillies aren't contenders this year anyway so I bet they just let him play out the last year of the deal and do the buyout for the last year in the offseason. Obviously hes a big part of my PC but I hope he retires and doesn't try to hang on some AL team. It'd be nice to have a star that stuck with the Phillies his whole career and brought them an MVP and World Series victory.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice Howard.

    BTW, there's a blank back 1/1 on eBay as a BIN. Good luck.