Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sweeeeet E-motion!

I channeled Aerosmith for my post title. One of my favorite sets as a kid (and now) is 1995 E-motion. I do have the base set and most of the inserts (probably missing a couple N Tense's). There are no autos or relics to be had but it's still a real fun box to open.

Soon to be hall of famer Chipper Jones rookie card. I think he gets in for all he did for the Braves on all those playoff teams. As a Phillies fan I respect his accomplishments but I don't particularly like that he crushed the Phillies a lot.

Mr. Nomo, the first Japanese pitcher to make a huge splash in MLB. He paved the way for all the future players to come over and show off their talents. 

One of the nicer inserts that only came one per box. A Indians Manny Ramirez N TENSE!  He was quite the hitter throughout his career. Unfortunately, tainted by those steroid tests at the end of his career.

Bonds, Gwynn and Juan Gonzalez Masters insert. This is a Who's who of the mid 90s'. I like the picture overlays on these cards. 

Thanks for reading! Whats your favorite 90s set?


  1. It would be hard to pick my favorite 90's set. Some of the junk wax sets are sentimental, but to actually collect I would probably choose one of the late 90's Pacific sets. I also love the Skybox Thunder sets because of the Super Raves!

  2. Junk wax: '91 Upper Deck, super photography and a clean, crisp design
    Other: '98 Metal Universe, hmmm, or maybe '97 Metal Universe... creative, shiny, and super fun to look at.

  3. Emotion was pretty cool. I remember it being pretty expensive at the local drugstore. I couldn't afford those and Flair!

  4. I think I'm down to just 2 N-Tense cards to complete my 1995 Emotion set as well. My other favorites are 1991 Upper Deck, 1992 TSC, 1992 Action Packed, and 1993 Ted Williams.