Friday, June 10, 2016

Two Cards out of ten!

Here are 2 of my recent Ryan Howard pickups! I'm glad he hit his 9th Home Run the other day. It moves him into 80th all time on the Home Run list. (I believe tied with Lance Berkman) Not bad company to keep. This is clearly Howard's last year unfortunately. He doesn't have the bat speed anymore to hit the good major league pitchers. On a bright note, I organized my base cards into year so I can finally figure out what I'm missing there. I will get the list together and make a new tab on the blog soon.

I was thinking of scanning the hits for that page too just to have them all documented and in order. Need a good chunk of time to do that though so we'll see when that happens.

Here are the 2 cards that are the subject of this post!

This card above is one of those 5x7 cards from Topps. I got it on ebay though at a decent price. Not 100% sure how people ordered them from Topps. I think they came in sets and people were piecing them out. It's in a sleeve so its protected but I haven't decided how to display it yet. It's currently sitting with my Javier Baez box topper auto from Gint-a-Cuffs last year. 

This one is not specifically numbered but the print run is 10. It has a little first edition stamp on it, so it must be cool! I watched this on ebay for months until the price came down to what I thought was acceptable. I wasn't competing against anyone else or it would've been purchased much faster. Topps sure does love the parallels. Maybe one day I'll open a case of Heritage and look for all the parallels! 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I purchased quite a few of the 1st edition Pirates over the winner from the same seller. The prices on those things are all over the place. When they first hit they were outrageous, now many fall below $5.

    Nice pickups!