Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fleer Mystique

Way back in year 2000 (wow that was a long time ago now!) I opened a box of Fleer Mystique. I remember enjoying it so if I ever see one again for a reasonable price I would buy it. Only football boxes currently on ebay because of Brady. That QB guy or something.

Check out some of the fun inserts.

Shiny Cal Ripken Jr High Praise!

2 Supernaturals Mark McGwire and Nomar Garciaparra. I met Nomar at all star baseball weekend in Pheonix a few years ago. He was nice. He signed my baseball. "To Brad Go Team USA! Nomar Garciappara". Solid penmanship as well. It's a shame his wrist injuries really hurt his career. He was one of the best when he was in his prime. Everyone knows about McGwire, Took Andro hit a lot of home runs, probably won't make the Hall of Fame. Although his numbers besides Home Runs are very borderline in my opinion.

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  1. one of Fleer's nicer releases! worth chasing another box!