Sunday, January 22, 2017

Football is almost over!

I didn't have any money on the 2 championship games but yet I still watched. In my opinion the games did not live up to the hype. Just straight blow outs. Packers forgot to show up and Steelers just looked over matched. I hope the Falcons knock off the Pats in the Super Bowl. Brady is already in the Hall of Fame he doesn't need another ring. Matt Ryan is fairly local to where I grew up so that'd be neat to see him win.

Completely unrelated card.. my Michael Jordan Baseball rookie!

He was a star rookie in Upper Deck's eyes! He never quite made it in baseball but he was pretty good at that other sport. Hope everyone won lots of money betting this weekend!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I always celebrate the end of Football season as it means Spring Training is just around the corner! MJ - I still have a couple of his rookies. It was fun watching him try though, so much hype and high expectations.