Sunday, January 8, 2017

Gint-A-Cuffs Winner's Box Part 2

Let's continue the reveal. Always fun to win! On a non baseball related note 3 of the 4 wild card games were not interesting. Currently watching the Packers-Giants, hopefully will come down to the wire. I have no dog in these fights just want to see some good action. I'm an Eagles fan, we have quite a rebuild. Hopefully the schedule won't be so bad next year (Eagles had the hardest schedule in the NFL this year) Maybe they'll get lucky and sneak into the playoffs next year.

Onto the next pack!

Pack 6:

Anthony Rendon
Carl Edwards Jr
Max Kepler
Mike Moustakas
Kris Bryant
Numbers Game Correa +2
Subways and Streetcars Passenger Train +2

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +24

Pack 7:

Jason Kipnis
Jen Welter
Curtis Granderson
Joey Gallo
Jose Altuve
Numbers Game Jake DeGrom +2
A&G Back Jorge Soler +2

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +28

Pack 8:

Orlando Cepeda
Henry Owens
Justin Bour
Joey Votto +2
Mark Trumbo
George Springer
Numbers Game Willie Stargell +2
A&G Back Chris Sale +2

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +34

Pack 9:

Nomar Garciaparra
Giancarlo Stanton
Paul Goldschmidt
Brandon Moss
Baseball Legends Johnny Bench +2
Brian McCann -1
Numbers Game David Price +2
A&G Back Raisel Iglesias +5 (number 325 shortprint)

Pack Total: +8
Running Total: +42

Pack 10:

Adam Eaton +2
John Lackey
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Severino -1
Natural Wonders Devil's Tower +2
Addison Russell
Numbers Game Willie Mays +2
Lureates of Peace Addams +2

Pack Total: +7
Running Total: +49

Pack 11:

Justin Verlander
Nomar Mazara
Baseball Legends Hank Aaron +2
Zack Grienke
Alex Gordon
Nick Castellanos
Regular back Manny Machado

Pack Total: +2
Running Total: +51

Pack 12:

Colin Rea
Roberto Alomar
Kevin Pillar
Mike Trout
Todd Frazier
Steve Schirripa +1
Andy Pettite -1
SP Mini Steve Carlton +4

Pack Total: +4
Running Total:  +55

Halfway through the box. If it all averages out I'd be at +110 which this year isn't that bad. That would've put this box in the7-9 range overall. We shall see if the points hold true to the first half. Only one hit has been revealed although the nice short print minis were shown as well. What lays ahead in Gint A Cuffs!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned tomorrow for the next part!


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