Thursday, September 28, 2017

What's in Half a Case (Box 2!)

Onto box 2! It's fun hunting for the parallels when opening these boxes. I would search the back of the cards for the codes before I would hand the cards to my wife so she could sort them. We had a very efficient system going on. If only I could open cards for a living and she could sort cards for a living.

Check out the goods!

Two shiny chrome cards.

This is the action variation for Bellinger. I was pretty happy to pull the right player for this parallel set. I may decide to go after the rest of them since this was easily the most expensive one.

This card is the traded variation for Jose De Leon (1 in 461 packs) You see under his Height it says Acquired: Trade with Dodgers 1-23-17. Took me a while to spot it, had to side by side a base card and try and find the variation. 

A decent relic. Thor had a lost year this year with his lat injury. Hopefully he comes back strong next year. I'm obviously not a Mets fan but I appreciate a good power pitcher. He has electric stuff. 

Very solid box with the Bellinger and the traded variation in the 24 packs!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the next one!


  1. I would imagine you're making a lot of guy's very envious, when you talk about opening and sorting cards... with your wife!