Thursday, April 12, 2018

A couple of old cards!

These cards were also picked up at the most recent Philly card show. Always a good time had by all (I do not truly know this but I want to believe it!) I was lucky enough to get a free autograph ticket for Bobby Shantz. I didn't have a card on me so I figured I'd find a decent card to get signed during the show.

I think I did well..

I chose to go with black cause I thought it would pop more. Mr. Shantz was super nice and personable to every single person. When I went up I asked if he remembered that year. He said 'Oh yes I remember it well, they spelled my name wrong on this card'. All in all a super positive experience.

Also grabbed this card of some HOF guy...

Since I finished my Topps 50s run, I decided to start going after the Bowman Phillies team sets (already have 1955). This will be a longer term project since the cards aren't cheap even for some of the commons. This copy of the card is super nice very clean.

Thanks for reading!

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