Sunday, April 7, 2019

A little bit of Belly!

Gotta  give some props to a guy who did not have a great post season or regular season for that matter last year and is coming out of the gates hot. He looks like he changed his swing and is seeing the ball much better through the zone in the early going. His numbers agree with me hitting 6 HR's in the first week and some change. (no I am not talking about Mike Trout, he only has 5 HR's!)

Some rookie cards of Bellinger...

A base Bowman Chrome!

The Bowman Platinum base card!

The crown jewel of my modest Bellinger Rookie card collection. The Heritage High mini numbered out of 100 (pulled from a hanger pack way back when). Always appreciate some good offense. He is a young guy too, many more HR's to come.

The Phillies bullpen didn't blow the game today! Hoskins carried the offense with the big 2-run HR but him and Harpers On Base Percentage are over .500 which is obviously very good.

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  1. The number of Phillies with OPS over .900 is ridiculous even if it's a small sample size.