Thursday, April 25, 2019

Cards from Too Many Verlanders!

My trade posting and trading has really slowed down since I moved. It's not for lack of want just lack of reaching out and doing it. I feel like I have too many random cards unsorted and it annoys me. I want to have a more succinct want list (although my current want list isn't bad just missing a ton of Phillies cards just no idea which ones)

I finally hit my man back Too Many Verlanders with a return package. It was a long time coming and I hope he likes what I picked out.

He was kind enough to send me a stack of numbered cards.

A whole lot of Moments and Milestones. I know that set has like a billion parallels but one day I will get all the Ryan Howards (or not, if I were you bet the not) but I'll try! The Triple Threads base cards are pretty cool and Sepia parallel. Love me some Sepias (for those that don't know my greatest set achievement is a full 2012 Topps Chrome Sepia set, will have to re-post that in the future)

Thanks for the cards and as always thanks for reading!

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  1. Not a fan of Moments and Milestones...the same image on a card irks me. Looking forward to the story behind the Sepia set.