Sunday, June 28, 2020


I've been watching a lot of Parks and Recreation lately and I wanted to make a joke about Genuine sounding a bit like Genuwine. 'How did I not know you were related to Genuwine?' Anyway, I recently picked up this Fleer Genuine card. I personally did not have many Jimmy Rollins autographs. He is not in a ton of releases so he doesn't seem to sign too much.

I thought this was a pretty cool card.

The autograph is inside the card! It slides out along with the relic. Pretty neat concept. Also, reminds me of a Zoolander quote "the files are inside the computer *throws the computer*" Those are my kind of pop culture references.

Also the seller let me grab these cards cheap with no additional shipping cost.

Bunch of rookies. Nothing to not like there for the Phillies collection.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The files are in the computer? Lol!!!

    Awesome references. I have never seen the concept of that Jimmy card. Love it!