Thursday, November 1, 2012

Epic Group Break Haul

I recently participated in Dan's group break from Dan's other world. It was a mid to high end group break so the price point was a bit higher then normal but you were guaranteed 13 hits and he threw in a couple from his personal collection for good measure. One card made the whole break for me and I was lucky enough to have first choice on that box.

Check it out!

First we have 2 autos from Leaf ink. Both authenticated and slabbed a Russ Nixon and a Bill Buckner. I'm happy I got the Buckner the auto really looks sharp on that card. 

Next a prime cuts Roy Hallday numebered out of 199. I never bought any prime cuts so this is a really nice addition to my Phillies relic collection.

This is the 2nd Steve Carlton relic I now own and it has a nice stripe down the middle of it. 

These 2 cards are both really awesome. I don't personally know a ton about astronauts but to think Sally Ride wore that little piece of fabric at some point in space is amazing to me. I really like these type of cards from Paninni's century collection.

Last but not least one of the coolest cards I own (thats not a phillie):

A Bobby Doerr Autograph button card. Numbered 4 out of 4. To think this button is at least 50 years old (Doerr's last game was in 1951). Its the first button card I have and a hall of famer autograph on top of that. This card will be a centerpiece in my ever expanding collection!


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  1. Wow! That Doerr is sweeeeet! A piece of Cooperstown is now in your PC.