Friday, June 13, 2014

Nothing's Finer then eating in your Diner!

The title of this post is a blatant Seinfeld reference. I'm a fan, I've seen every episode and enjoy it. I've personally only seem him do stand up once, when I was a wee lad in college. It was good, clean humor. It's really impressive when you can laugh the whole time and the comedian didn't say anything crude the entire time. (Although I can enjoy both types of jokes!)

It was also a poor attempt to link the title to baseball.. Nothings finer then Topps Finest!

I snagged one of the inserts for a couple bucks off ebay. I want the one numbered out of 25 but it has flown out of my price range. No way I'm paying 60 bucks for the same card just serial numbered.

I was planning on scanning this week, but that didn't happen. On a happy note my Volleyball team is undefeated! (3 matches in).

I'm currently watching the hockey finals. The last game was pretty exciting and now this one is headed to overtime! We'll see what happens, should be good either way. The Stanley Cup Finals is the only finals for any major sport I've ever been too. I went to Game 5 in Chicago for the Blackhawks Vs Flyers. I lived out there at the time and had to go. Went by myself (couldn't afford 2 tickets) and had a blast even though they lost and I wore my Flyers jersey.

I realize this post is literally all over the place... so to continue with the randomness...


Short Story.. My girlfriend recommended a place for dinner. Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza, so we look up how to get there. On the front page they have pictures on a slideshow and the first one is Tim Tebow with some employee. My girlfriend asks me if thats Anthony.. I love you dear! (She reads this blog)

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!