Saturday, June 21, 2014

Topps Redemption Mailday!

I've had good and bad experiences with Topps regarding redemptions. I've never asked for a replacement because of all the crappy ones I've seen. I've stayed patient despite ridiculous wait times. I waited 2 years for a Bryce Harper Topps Chrome auto. (which is awesome!) I waited a few weeks when I redeemed the Xfractor sheets (currently hanging on the wall behind me). I wasn't sure what I was doing when after I cracked the Topps Chrome case last year and got a few redemptions. I was tempted to sell a couple (I didn't) or trade them (traded one or two) but ultimately after I saw a lot of them going live, I took the risk. I redeemed them and within 2 WEEKS, I receive them from Topps. All individually sleeved and top loaded, so this was a good experience.

Check em out!

The Fernandez is the refactor version. He was doing quite good this year til his elbow got hurt. Hope he recovers and we see the same type of pitcher. Even though he plays for the Marlins it's neat to see a guy so young be that good. The Cingrani is black out of 100 he's been decent this year. Nick Franklin needs to get his act together some and start hitting to get called back up the majors. The Gyorko is nice to see because I traded the other auto I had of him about a month ago!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That Fernandez is sweet. I think you got lucky with Topps this time, I waited about 6 months for my Cingrani auto from Chrome to show up.

  2. I received my Cingrani that you traded me this week too. Pretty sharp looking card. I've been putting some Phillies away for you for another future deal!