Friday, August 12, 2016

A Couple More Hurts!

The No Name on Front wasn't the only Frank Thomas I picked up in early August. I grabbed 2 other cards to add to the PC. They weren't overly pricey and in my opinion looked good.

A regular rookie card autographed! I had wanted one for a while but didn't want to pay ebay prices. 

This one I just bought on a whim. I just like the card. Oversized bats and the pose, wonder if he knew at that time in 1992 how great his career would become.

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  1. I remember picking up the 1992 Score Dream Team card at a card show in the mall shortly after release and thinking it was the coolest card ever.

  2. Can I buy the oversized bat card? Huge lifetime hurt fan and used to have/love the card. Somehow lost it in an abyss of cards.