Monday, August 8, 2016

Some other Nationals Pulls!

Thanks for all the kind words on my last post! Still super psyched about finding that card! (not super psyched about paying the bill but totally worth it!) Wanted to share some of the Pulls we had from the National. My Wife and I are both participating in Gint A Cuffs and purchased our boxes at the show. We opened last night and scanned all the packs just have to get the posts together on our respective blogs. This post will not be for that.

This will be for stuff we pulled while getting the redemption packs. We decided to buy a couple boxes to participate. I bought 2 boxes of Topps Chome and she bought one box of Ginter. Unfortunately her box was not great.

Three base relics..

Jacob DeGrom, Jake Arrieta and Yeonis Cepesdes. All solid players for sure, but nothing exciting for Ginter.

My Chrome boxes were solid to decent.

Three color refractors. Schwarber Purple, Cabrera Wave type pattern (out of 75, real nice looking card) and a Machado green. 

Two base Autos, Robert Stephenson and Peter O'Brien.

A Tyler White Gold auto of 50!

A Trevor Story blue auto out of 150!

Two Boxes, 2 color autos. I won't complain about that. Since we opened 70 packs we received 7 redemption packs. We were extremely lucky in these.

Hit 2 monsters...

Jorge Mateo auto numbered out of 29!

A super nice Austin Meadows auto numbered out of 5! Seven packs, 2 autos, it was awesome!

(haven't decided yet buy may be selling the above 2 autos)

Thanks for reading!


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  2. Nice pulls. Are the Cubbies available?