Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cards from Scott!

I recently received 2 packages from one of my trade partners Scott. He does a good job keeping an eye out on new Frank Thomas's that I don't have! He did real well in these envelopes. I definitely will hit you back with something good!

Sorry for lack of posting this past week. I was away for work and its tough to post on the road  (also the working long hours thing)

Without further ado... Frank Thomas!!

Topps Gold Label is a great set. That's one box I'd like to open eventually, even the base cards are nice looking. The Prime Cuts card at the top is a diecut on the word CUTS which is pretty cool.

Always enjoy getting inserts I've never seen. (Thomas was in a lot of sets!) I am now up to 787 unique Frank Thomas cards. Pretty happy about that number. I started seriously collecting him about 5 years ago. I'm sure other people have more but either way I have the NNOF! (I may have to try and work that in to every post for the rest of the year haha) 

Anyways all kidding aside, thank you for the cards and thanks for reading! 


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