Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Last National Post!

I started with the big bang, but I still picked up some other stuff before I got that card (it was the last card acquired on Friday and we pretty much left right after it was graded)

Here are some vintage-y pickups..

This card I picked up for cheap since its his rookie and has a crease. But it looks good.. also I won't be keeping it it's for my brother.

My scanner chopped this card a bit but it looks good in hand. 1962 Topps is a nice looking set! (card is also for my brother)

Managed to complete my 1965 Topps Phillies team set. Nothing like nabbing a high number! 

This card is also not as bad as the scan but 1975 was a good year!

A sweet Jerry Rice rookie. I now have this and Barry Sanders!

I probably slightly overpaid for this card but it was for charity. Still a nice Nomar rookie! Goes well with my autographed ball!

I opened a 30 dollar grab bag. This Celebrity Gala is JSA Certified and signed by Dan Marino, John Elway and if you look at the bottom Clemens also signed it. Pretty nice for 30 bucks. All autos I did not have previously (also got entered into a raffle for a nice poster thing, don't think I won that though)

Overall, the National was a great experience. I would go back next year if possible (might be tough being in Chicago though). Lots to see and definitely some deals to be had. Just have to shop around and be willing to walk away. Some big pieces of history that I wouldn't see in any other places (The Honus Wagner card, Babe ruth bat, etc) 

Thanks for reading!

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