Sunday, March 12, 2017

Who wants 1990 Topps?!

Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? My wife decided she wanted the thrill of pulling a Frank Thomas No Name on Front. She purchased all 4 1990 Topps boxes from one dealer. (9 bucks a piece not a bad price). That's 36 packs in a box times 15 cards.. that's a lot of cards in 4 boxes. Unfortunately, no NNOF's to be found, but we did hit these...

Three Frank Thomas's, Five Ken Griffey Jr's, Three Sammy Sosa's and a Partridge in a pair-tree. All kidding aside, 3 Thomas's out of 4 boxes not bad! We now have 6 Regular ones, 1 NNOF and 1 Autographed (JSA Authenticated) from 1990 Topps.

If anyone is trying to complete a set or just wants a pile of them for some reason, let me know shoot me an address they can be had for the price of saying something! Also, if you're in the northeast stay warm! Spring was in February, so Winter is now in March, that's how it works.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your wife bought 4 boxes of 1990 Topps??? That's awesome.

    If you're giving 1990 Topps away for free, I'm the sucker that will take some ... I said "some."

    1. They are yours, after this snow thats coming in march i will get them out to you!

  2. This is the first card set I remember getting cards from. A neighbor bought a pack of them for me at the grocery store. The Nolan Ryan subset at the front of the checklist was the reason he became my earliest favorite player. For whatever reason, I haven't chased down any of the set since my return to collecting. I wouldn't say no to a stack of cards from the set to flip through.

  3. Would be interested in trading for Mariners. Sent email.