Monday, August 20, 2012

I know it's not Baseball related but Fantasy Football is upon us

Every year I join 4-5 Fantasy Football leagues. This year I dropped the 5th one and am just going to concentrate on 4. I have a work league, a old neighborhood league, a college buddy league and a league thats been around since before the internet.

So far I've only had the work league draft. This draft is auction style. I think I ended up with a solid team. This league isn't for money just bragging rights so I went for 3 Eagles naturally.

Each team started with 200 dollar budget, 10 team league.

Check out my team:

QB - Aaron Rodgers
WR - Jeremy Maclin
WR - DeSean Jackson
WR - Brandon LaFell
RB - Arian Foster
RB - LeSean McCoy
TE - Jared Cook
K - David Akers
DEF - Houston
BENCH: Matt Stafford, Ben Tate, Mike Crabtree, Donald Brown, Shonn Greene, Martellus Bennett, Randall Cobb, Jacquizz Rodgers

I spent the most money on Rodgers(47 dollars) followed by Foster (42) and McCoy(40). I wanted Calvin Johnson but he went for the most in the entire draft at 52.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments I'm always up for discussing fantasy football strategies.

Also in baseball card news, the order for 2012 Topps Chrome case has officially gone through. I hope to receive the case later this week and start busting and sharing this coming weekend. I will definitely be up for trading and I'm pretty excited to see what comes out of 12 boxes. I haven't decided yet but I think I will be going for the base refractor set. I busted a case last year and got some pretty good stuff in my opinion.


  1. Like the Eagles much? I like your squad. Very deep at running back. I think the question marks are WR. If Vick is healthy and the Eagles can make some big plays in the passing game, you are solid. If not, you gotta hope Randall Cobb becomes a fan favorite and then you have a sweet double dip.

    PS-I love fantasy football.

    1. I sold out on on the running backs for this auction type draft, no other team will I be able to get mccoy and foster together. I actually just picked up another league today so I have a draft tomorrow, sunday, tuesday and thursday. Should be fun